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Chapter 7 Chemtrails

Chapter 7 Chemtrails

Table of Contents:
1st article: Chemtrail
2nd article: Project PURE AIR
Article 3: Background Knowledge About Chemtrails
Article 4: Do Chemtrails Cause Droughts?
Article 5: Chemtrails & Disinformation
Article 6: A empowering revelation for the time ahead
7. Article: Who are the originators, executors and beneficiaries of the spray flights?
Article 8: Is there a cartel of silence or disinformation?
Article 9: Which nations and airlines do spray flights?
Article 10: Secrecy, manipulation of opinion and threats a conspiracy? Article: Who will definitely benefit from this project?
Article 12: What Indicates Highly Organized, Powerful Masterminds?
Article 13: Which authors do many indications point to?
Article 14: Chemicals, biotoxins, fiber fibers and other materials in chemtrail clouds
15. Article: Chem. U. Biol. Components of the cloud-forming contrails
16. Article: Symptoms of illness after intensive, cloud-forming flight activities
17. Article: Aluminum evidence in cloud fallout for laypeople
18. Article: Health hazards of aluminum
19. Article: Artificial cloud formation by spray planes (chemtrails)?
20. Article: Systematic cloud formations in Germany, reports, pictures
Article 21: Who can and wants to manipulate the weather consciously?
Article 22: Playing with Mother Earth.
23. Article: GEO-ENGINEERING effective climate protection or megalomania?
Article 24: Chemtrails: Eerie clouds of the third kind
Article 25: Kachelmann calls chemtrail critics neo-Nazis: An analysis
Article 26: Chemtrails: Genocide / Population Reduction?
Article 27: Eugenicists like John Holdren call for geoengineering
Article 28: Operation Clover Leaf likely means of population reduction
Article 29: Mind Control Using Chemtrails?
30. Article: Chem. U. Biol. Components of the chemtrails
Article 31: Chemtrails: Prophylaxis and Morgellons - They want to kill us !!!
Article: CHEMTRAILS + HAARP- incredible activities!

1st article: Chemtrail

According to a conspiracy theory, chemtrails are contrails which, in addition to condensed aircraft exhaust fumes, are said to contain other chemicals that would be added to the exhaust fumes. Chemtrails are said to differ from normal contrails in their longevity and extensive spread. [1] [2] The application of the chemicals should serve, among other things, geoengineering, population reduction or military purposes. [3]
The existence of chemtrails was first asserted in 1996 at the latest. [4] The supporters of the conspiracy theory exchange information mainly on websites directed against the American government; In addition, discussions are held in internet forums and images are published on YouTube. [1] [5] Non-governmental organizations, meteorologists and other institutions repeatedly responded to numerous inquiries. As of 2011, there is no scientific evidence for the massive release of chemicals or for conspicuously changed contrails. [2]
Concept and intentions
The term chemtrail is a suitcase word, composed of the English abbreviation Contrails for contrails and chemicals. [5] It is used to denote certain, long-lived contrails that sometimes occur in grids. [6] Chemtrails are not supposed to be normal contrails consisting of ice crystals, but rather traces of spray from various chemical substances. There is no agreement on the presumed composition of these hypothetical substances, but supporters often name barium and aluminum as components. [1]
Normally, the form and speed of propagation as well as the resistance of the contrails depend on factors such as temperature, local wind speed and humidity. Contrails dissolve more quickly when the humidity is low. When the air humidity is high, on the other hand, exhaust particles can act as crystallization nuclei, bind additional water vapor and spread widely with corresponding currents. In meteorology, contrails are viewed as a kind of "artificial cirrus clouds" and have been known for longer than the "organized climate change" taking place according to the conspiracy theory. According to meteorology, contrails that remain in the sky are signs of weather changes. [2] [7]
The observed increase in the frequency and spread of contrails in the sky is primarily related to the strong growth in air traffic. In Germany alone, the number of flights transported has quintupled since the 1980s. With over two million take-offs and landings per year [8], there is accordingly a significantly larger number of contrails than before this point in time. This artificial formation of clouds and their effects are scientifically investigated; they change the visibility in the atmosphere. On the other hand, increasing stripe structures represent an aesthetic change in the visible sky. [9]
Technical implementation
There are various, partly contradicting and technically inconclusive explanations for the technical requirements of chemtrails. According to a variant, chemicals are added to the aircraft fuels. This would exclude the spread of polymers, microbes or pharmaceutically active substances, as is assumed by some conspiracy theorists, since these are destroyed in the combustion chambers of the engines. [10] The spread of pure metallic or mineral substances via this route, on the other hand, would lead to high wear on the turbine blades of the engines. [10]
Other assumptions are based on the spread of the substances by means of built-in spray devices. These could be hidden behind closed flaps on the underside of the aircraft, for example. [10] Thus, special spraying machines with trained personnel could apply chemtrails or the substances would be sprayed automatically, unnoticed by the pilots, during the flight of normal line machines through hollow wires on the wing edges. These wires are actually used to dissipate static charges and have a center conductor, which is said to have been removed. Modified voltage arresters and also additional flaps or spray systems would be discovered and complained about by uninitiated personnel at the latest during the pre-flight inspection. [10]
Motives and goals
Various objectives are assumed by representatives of chemtrail theory. Substances are to be sprayed in order to carry out geoengineering. The aim is to weaken the greenhouse effect by reflecting sunlight and thus reduce global warming. [3] The Welsbach patent is often cited here, which describes the possibility of reducing the greenhouse effect by distributing particles over a large area in the atmosphere. [1] [11] [3] It is also speculated that chemtrails could serve to reduce the population. According to this theory, the added chemicals are said to reduce the fertility of the population or simply poison them. [3]
Statements from politics and non-governmental organizations
The conspiracy theory around chemtrails is spread, for example, by Kopp Verlag and members of the NPD. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the NPD started a small inquiry in the state parliament regarding chemtrails in order to accuse the government of "weather manipulation" and to present itself as an environmentalist. [12] Alfred Steinleitner from the NPD gave a lecture on March 16, 2011 in Deggendorf on the subject of "Chemtrails - Global chemical crime in the atmosphere !!!". [13]
Politicians, institutions and non-governmental organizations repeatedly responded to inquiries from supporters of the conspiracy theory.
In 2004 the magazine Raum & Zeit reported in the article "The Destruction of Heaven" about alleged chemtrails. In the period that followed, citizens asked the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) what it was all about. The Office published a statement in March 2011 that "the allegations made in the article 'The Destruction of Heaven' are not credible". [2] Even if there are theoretical ideas about climate protection through the application of various substances, there is therefore no evidence that these have actually been implemented so far. The UBA invokes the German Weather Service, whose observation data do not show any noticeable changes in the behavior of contrails. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is also not aware of any such phenomena, although it has been investigating the effect of aviation emissions on the atmosphere for many years. Inquiries to the German Air Traffic Control and the German Weather Service did not reveal any noticeable flight movements and contrails. The WHO also has no knowledge of the existence of special chemtrails. The Department of Defense and the European headquarters of the US Air Force announced that they were not running any such projects. [2] The Air Force also responded to theories that it was manipulating the weather with an informational paper on contrails. The Air Force does not attempt to manipulate the weather, and there are no plans to start either. [4]
The Greenpeace magazine rated the speculation about chemtrails in its own article as a conspiracy theory and endorsed the results of the Federal Environment Agency. [14]
Chemtrails are mentioned in the United States in 2001 in a bill, the Space Preservation Act, which was first presented to Congress by the politician Dennis Kucinich. The bill was rejected and Kucinich, who was not directly involved in drafting the bill, later stated that he was not clear about the mention of chemtrails and that he was not interested in the subject. [15]
In March 2007 Austrian MPs of the FPÖ submitted a parliamentary question to the then Agriculture Minister Josef Pröll (ÖVP). [16] The Ministry of Agriculture then stated that it had known the subject of chemtrails for a long time and that it would classify such processes as extremely problematic; but there is no evidence whatsoever of such substances being spread over Austria. [17]
Not to be confused with the alleged chemtrails is the so-called hail flying to influence the weather. Small aircraft with special generators spread a mixture of silver iodide and acetone in the updraft area of ​​thunderclouds. This leads to the formation of tiny ice nuclei so that no large hailstones form, but rather small ice balls that often even melt again before they reach the ground. The released silver iodide can no longer be detected in the environment after it has been diluted in the air. [

2nd article: Project PURE AIR

CHEMTRAILSUS project poisoned
our sky

We can do something to keep our atmosphere clean!
Global Chemical Crime In The Atmosphere !!!
When these extremely toxic mixtures of aluminum compounds, barium salts and other chemicals were increasingly being sprayed from airplanes over southern Germany, it became clear that these spraying campaigns are now taking place on a massive scale:
In the magazine "Raum & Zeit" (Issue 127, Jan./Feb. 2004, Ehlers Verlag GmbH, Geltinger Str. 14e, 82515 Wolfratshausen, Tel .: 08171-418461, the articles "The Destruction of Heaven" and "HAARP heats a “from this issue can also be ordered individually there) there was a very detailed report on these chemtrails (chemical tracks). These are supposed to be sprayed to reduce the greenhouse effect. In the same issue, another article makes it very clear that there is neither a greenhouse effect nor the resulting climatic changes, but that these climatic changes were actually artificially caused by the Haarp project of the Soviets (from 1976) and the American Haarp project in Alaska. The theory of the greenhouse effect was then used as a distraction to cover up what was caused by the Haarp projects !!!
But if there is no greenhouse effect, which is why these chemtrail spraying campaigns are supposed to take place now, what is the real reason for this ?!

Short introductory article:
For a good 5 years, a phenomenon called CHEMTRAILS has been hotly debated on the Internet and on National Public Radio in the USA. According to witnesses of these "chemtrails", which now include several hundred thousand people, the following observations are made primarily on clear, warm days ...
Chemtrails ... - It is observed how a noticeably high number of aircraft (5 to 15 can be seen in the sky at any given moment) cruise back and forth at an altitude of over 6000 meters both over rural and urban areas. These aircraft are often completely unmarked, gray-painted transporters (type Boeing KC-10 or KC-35) - more rarely also civilian pilots - but never recognizable in a take-off or landing maneuver.

- What at first appears to be contrails on these aircraft, however, leaves you puzzled when you look a little longer: These 'contrails', which are laid out in a regular, huge grid pattern, do not dissolve even after minutes, but remain motionless; one is tempted to speak of one "stuck in the sky". A string of pearls-like arrangement of the condensate can often be seen, which can also run out in the form of drops.
- Slowly but steadily, the `contrails` or drops widen in a period of 30 to 60 minutes, forming a viscous,` sloppy`, cloud-like mass that looks like milk foam stirred into the sky. The supposed contrails are now increasingly turning into banks of fog.

- After 2 to 5 hours, a diffuse fog-cloud layer covering the entire sky is formed, although this only occurs where the aircraft have previously crossed and sprayed intensively. Strangely enough, the originally laid chemtrails remain visible even after hours in this milky broth like white strings.

- During this time, the planes continue to cross the sky in a coarse-patterned checkerboard pattern - until they too are lost in the increasingly thick haze. Interestingly, if a take-off or landing maneuver is observed somewhere, the qualitatively completely different, because normal contrail is noticeable, i.e. it usually extends a few kilometers behind the aircraft and breaks down into - nothing at best after a few minutes! This difference in consistency couldn't be more obvious!

- Now an impenetrable fog bank has already formed between our observer and the previously blue sky, which soon thickens the whole sky. If the sun can still be made out somewhere between the chemtrail swaths, one often perceives a halo around the sun in which a pale rainbow effect can be perceived. This effect is due to the refraction of light in the aluminum powder of the chemtrails (see Chapter 2)

- After just a few hours, the air temperature literally collapses, i.e. there is a drop in temperature of up to about 7 degrees. At the same time, the air humidity drops uniformly to values ​​of around 20%. If you pay close attention here, you can really physically perceive how moisture is extracted from the air around us. This effect is due to the barium salts added to the chemtrails (see Chapter 2). It should also be noted here that the above-mentioned drop in temperature occurs primarily at the start of a spray series. Such 'series' usually last several weeks, and the temperature fluctuation is then less pronounced in the middle of such a series due to the already artificially 'lowered' total values.

- The now onset of cold and dryness persisted even after days; As a result, the weather is mostly nice, but noticeably hazy, cooler. As a result, there are no rains without exception. There is also a noticeable 'bleaching' of the sky. This fading is so strong that, especially when looking at the horizon, no blue tint in the sky can be discerned. Here we are only looking at a pale white ribbon, which is tinted at best by the brown shade of fossil fuels in the air. This feature of the 'White Skies', the whitewashed sky, is the most telltale, because it is the most persistent, feature of chemtrail activity, and therefore gives this article its title. - Often only after a week does the weather return to typical, `normal` values. That is why a chemtrail spray series is probably carried out every week. In Basel, the spraying of the atmosphere was clearly visible on the following dates: Wednesday March 5th, Thursday March 20th, Friday March 28th, Saturday April 5th and Sunday / Monday 13th / 14th. April. The latter date was the first 'double charge' observed.So here a clear eight-day rhythm can be read out, which has unfortunately been confirmed to date. 3
Chemtrails Over Green Bay Area On 10-9-00 Satellite Photo
Here's the difference between chemtrails
and normal contrails (contrails) 4

Here you can see how the chemtrail "contrails" increasingly produce fog, until after a short time the whole sky is a contourless white-gray mass of fog.
The spraying was probably interrupted briefly here
Further information:
On the page some interesting things about chemtrails were collected. There is also a forum in which chemtrails and orgonite products are discussed.

Pictured above: chemtrails released over
the World Trade Center area on Dec. 28, 5 The articles in the "Raum & Zeit" booklet mentioned above are highly recommended. There, background information is given at first hand, including by a scientist involved in the chemtrail project, who breaks secrecy and gives important detailed information. Here is a video about chemtrails for free download: In America some 1000 people have built so-called chembusters. These are easy to replicate devices, which represent a further development of the findings of Wilhelm Reich and are able to destroy the effects of the chemtrails. Even if the functionality of this device sounds unbelievable at first glance: It works and even very effective! There are building instructions here: Chembuster building instructions
(Here I have called the device that Wilhelm Reich had developed Cloudbuster and called the further developed device by Don Croft as the Chembuster, because the Chembuster was constructed differently in essential details and no longer contaminates the environment with negative DOR energy) Here you can find interesting articles on understanding orgone and the functional principle of the further developed Chembuster according to Don Croft: (see there "What is Orgone?", you can view most of the page in German) Georg Ritschl is leading a project in Africa around the country with Chembuster and other Orgonite- Protect products. He has made the title of his page his motto.
Chembusters and other orgonite products are also available from him. He can also get rock crystals for Chembusters, HHG's and TB's very cheaply.
Towerbuster (TB) against harmful radiation from cell phone towers

Illustrated assembly instructions are available here, for example: Georg gave an interesting piece of information:
Enthropy transmitter is the name for the alleged "Mobilfunktuerme". Don started calling them "Death-Force Transmitters" or "Enthropy Transmitters". All conventional physics is based on the assumption of the INEVITABLE ENTHROPY. A very pessimistic view of the world that caused me depression years ago. Enthropy means nothing more than the transition from order to chaos. In conventional physics, energy can only be released by destroying an energy potential. Since the worldview creates exactly the right APPLICATIONS, all of our technologies are enthopy-based (combustion, nuclear fission, chemical decomposition etc ..) Orgone is an opposing force that creates complexity out of simplicity. The whole life process, which is notoriously incomprehensible for conventional physics, does this. The emergence of every living organism is a testimony to this "divine" life energy. Micowave energy is a dangerous enthropy accelerator and that is exactly why we gift all ETs (enthopy transmitters) with orgonites. (Called Towerbusters) The energetic difference is usually immediately noticeable. Sensitive people who can see energies see a black aura around the ETs, which disappears after the gift is given or remains entirely limited to the immediate vicinity of the transmitter panels.

Fortunately, the Towerbuster generates fresh life-affirming orgone energy from the negative input of the ET, so that the overall situation afterwards is better than if the ET had never been there. The principle corresponds roughly to the Japanese spiritual martial art AIKIDO, where the energy of the opponent is used to bring him down with minimal effort. In general, our entire network is based on the "David and Goliath" principle. The other side spends trillions on your murderous programs and we bring them down with the stake of several thousand euros (or whatever fake paper money we are forced to use). 6

Website with important explanations about Cloudbuster: 1.htm Short article to understand how cloudbusters work. This article helps to provide a bridge to understanding how these simply built cloudbusters work. Many people find it difficult to believe that these devices can really be that effective. This article and the "Radiation exposure, energetic solidification ..." presented below help clarify this.
(This article briefly describes the mode of operation of Wilhelm Reich's construction of a cloudbuster. The chembuster presented above in the chembuster assembly instructions has been significantly further developed and improved compared to the cloudbuster by Wilhelm Reich, so that the negative effects no longer occur Wilhelm Reich struggled with. This article is only intended to show that these devices actually work and give you an idea of ​​how this effect comes about.)
Basic article: Bernd Senf,

"Radiation exposure, energetic solidification of the atmosphere, forest dieback and smog" - Wilhelm Reich's basic ecological research: download PDF file here
(This article gives very well-founded and understandable information about the research results and findings of Wilhelm Reich. Because the Reich devices were so extremely simple, they were ridiculed by many people and not taken seriously. This article helps a lot to reduce these prejudices and to come to a profound understanding of this now so important research work by Wilhelm Reich) REPORTS FROM USERS OF THE CHEMBUSTER
You're crazy in Los Angeles today (late March 2002). We're talking about chem streaks a hundred miles long, from one end of the city to the other. I would like to have a wide angle lens to illustrate how effective these CB's are! As I write this, I see a clear area about 30 miles in diameter right above my house. They sprayed this same area like crazy all day but nothing got stuck. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the parts of the city that are not protected. At least 30-75 strips have mixed together and form an enormous violet / brown mass in the east. I have real compassion for the people under this canopy. "They" really try everything, clearly with desperation.

Rick Moors, Los Angeles
P.S .: I would like to thank the pilots of the black helicopters that flew over my house yesterday at a height of about 30 meters! And also those who flew low over my house today! Your confirmation of the effectiveness of my cloudbuster is very gratifying! Soon you will have a lot more to marvel at. When we saw chem strips overhead, we aimed the cloudbuster at them. Then we saw them collapse and disintegrate. We repeated the same thing the next day. I am now in the same situation using the CB that I was in three years ago. Back then I needed Slim Spurling's "Harmonizer". Too many "coincidences"! This simple technology has a very positive effect on our environment. It really is a resource that the average person can use! I am proud to be part of it!

Frederick Fischl, Spokane, WA
Email: [email protected]
I saw Don's Cloudbuster in action with my own eyes last summer in Seattle. I was impressed with the quick response! Fred Fischl made the demonstration. He noticed that the reaction was coming faster than he had noticed earlier. This was the case because of a "harmonizer field" that had built up nearby. I have built and used several cloudbusters myself, similar to Reich's statements, since 1974, with generally good results.
Don's innovations in technology are a wonderful oversimplification and make it available to everyone. In the near future it will bring far-reaching benefits when we consider chemical and bio-terrorism. I believe that nuclear terrorism has moved into the distance today, thanks to the numerous "Harmonizer" units that are effective in the area of ​​the cities.
Slim Spurling, 3869WCR, Roggen CO, 80652 Tel: 303-849-5411 After setting up Chembusters, you could often see special cloud formations. A website has dealt with the topic:
Thttp: // 7

Brief introduction to the chembuster:
Description of a "chemtrail"
The name "chemtrail" (in German "chemical stripes" or chemistripes for short) is a relatively new word that has been coined in recent years, along with the appearance of chemtrails. A chemtrail is very different from a contrail. At first it may look like a contrail. However, instead of dissolving like a contrail, a chemtrail slowly spreads across the sky until it becomes a hazy bank of clouds. These streaks run across the sky and stay there for up to five or more hours. It was noticed that they can turn a blue sky into a blanket of gray fog.

Note: Since November 2001 several dozen Coudbusters have been set up in several countries (in Europe including Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and Portugal) If the chemtrails in your region do not stay in the sky for very long, it is possible that a Cloudbuster in the proximity is. It is believed that chemtrails are partly composed of an oil-based substance of unknown content that is sprayed and atomized by jet planes over populated areas. Chemtrails have also been found to contain unknown biological components. There have been many reports of increased disease, particularly lung conditions, in areas where chemtrails are seen. In America, chemtrails are often seen sprayed by unmarked white planes. Sometimes you see these planes leaving absolutely no contrails, and immediately after that, the same plane comes in the same area and leaves a thick chemical streak. Other times, noticeable short gaps in chemical strips were photographed, as if the aircraft had run out of chemicals, and a new tank was immediately switched on.
Information about chemtrails is available at the following places, for example:
Satellite photos of chemtrails are available here:

Description of a contrail:
A contrail occurs when an aircraft flies at high altitudes (approximately 10,000 meters) and the air is compressed into water vapor or ice crystals by the pressure of movement through the air from the engines and wing tips. This streak disappears after a minute or so, by evaporation, because it is made of water. 8

The Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster (henceforth called CB) was well known for its ability to bring rain. But there was one problem with continued use: the deadly orgone. Energy that he absorbed could injure the operator of the CB if it was not properly drained or drawn off.
Sucking off the deadly orgone. Energy was achieved through:
1) By connecting the CB to running water, difficult.
2) Connection of the output part of the CB to an orgone accumulator.
However, the orgone accumulator quickly became saturated with deadly orgone energy, which in turn caused problems for the operator.
As good as the cloudbuster technology was, it lay idle for many years. It was only used by professional weather engineers such as Trevor James Constable.
"There is a principle that shields you from any new information, from any argument that will surely leave you in eternal ignorance. This principle is disregard before the matter is investigated."

Don Croft, a patriot, alternate scientist, researcher, inventor, and freedom fighter, has successfully struck the first blow against the ongoing chemtrail program that is helping to destroy our country and enslave our citizens. Applying the research of Wilhelm Reich, assisted by his partner Carol and God's help, Don has created an inexpensive, portable, and easy-to-build device. This device consistently destroys the chemtrails, and heals the atmosphere. The Reich / Croft "Chembuster" is the answer to these ongoing attacks on our country and the world. Unlike the original Cloudbuster, the Chembuster converts the deadly orgone energy into good orgone energy, and is therefore not saturated and dangerous for the operator of the device.

It is human to sit on your side and think that one person cannot change the things that are going on in our country. Now there is no longer any excuse for inaction! For a few dollars or euros and a few hours of work, YOU can contribute a lot. With this device several thousand people can shut down the multi-trillion dollar chemtrail program! The Reich / Croft Chembuster cannot cause any damage. He can only help and heal. Everyone is free to take part in this fight.
Georg Ritschl ( wrote an interesting article about the understanding of orgone and the functional principle of the further developed Chembuster after Don Croft:
(slightly shortened version)

Orgone is the name Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who spent the last part of his life researching this phenomenon, who gave all-pervasive, ubiquitous life energy. Reich, born in Austria and trained as a medical doctor and psychiatrist, was closely associated with Sigmnund Freud in the early years. He has done a lot to understand the connection between human sexuality and psychology and has never stopped exploring new frontiers of knowledge. A full biography in English can be found at 9 But Reich was neither the first nor the last to observe this life energy or anti-entropic force.
[Note: It is important to know here that the life force (orgone) is present everywhere and without it nothing can exist. Even stones fall apart very quickly if they only have deadly DOR energy around them, as Reich noted]

In Newtonian Europe (intentionally) forgotten personalities such as the Bohemian steel magnate Baron Karl v. Reichenbach or the famous Austrian doctor Anton Mesmer (we still speak of "mesmerizing" personalities) contributed valuable research to this phenomenon and were widely recognized in their time. In its attempt to mechanistically reduce matter more and more in order to finally find the "final elementary particle", elementary physics has reached a point where it has to question its own assumptions.
Quantum physics now doubts the stability of matter itself and reaches concepts in which elementary particles are seen as mere perturbations "on the surface of an endless sea of ​​energy". Some scientists have agreed to call this energy "zero point energy". I personally believe that the new worldview will represent a confluence of the most modern physics and directly experienced mystical insight. Many ideas of ancient cultures will suddenly appear understandable to us. Don't expect this in the textbooks and schools and universities right away, but it's in the air.

According to Reich's observations, orgone is omnipresent and the basis of all life processes. He saw this same principle at work in the formation of galaxies as well as at work on the cellular and macrobiological level. His previous research had shown him that when this energy is blocked by traumatic memories, this manifests itself in persistent muscular tension. He called this permanent tension ARMOR. The accumulated energy becomes "Deadly Orgone Energy" (DOR = deadly orgon). He appropriately referred to the character of a predominantly armored person as PESTILENCE CHARACTER.In so far as the ecologically threatened world that we have created in the last few centuries is an expression of our own unbalanced collective soul, the same principle can also be recognized in our environment. I would say in this sense that the growing deserts on this planet are an expression of the "deserts in our hearts".

W. Reich, who also deserves the honor of having constructed the first cloud buster, demonstrated the effect of DOR in the formation of deserts and developed a method to disperse DOR concentrations by "sucking off" them through directed copper pipes "grounded" in sufficiently large masses of water. Whenever the atmosphere feels stale and oppressive and you observe a particular blackness of the clouds, you are actually experiencing a high and unhealthy DOR concentration. Reich successfully experimented with orgone accumulators with which he cured cancer patients. He described cancer as a biopathy that resulted from the blocked life energy in a body that was heavily burdened with DOR. He found that the concentration of orgone energy was promoted by a layering of organic and metallic material.

He used some kind of chipboard and sheet steel, but also cotton wool and steel wool (in the outer layers) to build life-size boxes in which he would let his patients sit. 10 He achieved surprisingly positive results with this technology, but his devices had a decisive weakness: They accumulated exactly the type of energy (DOR or OR) that was dominant in the respective environment. This was not a problem in the rural part of the United States where Reich ran his orgone institute in the 1940s and 1950s. In a much more DOR-contaminated environment, as is the case today, however, this can become a problem. All devices developed by Reich had the common characteristic that they had to be handled with care in order to avoid damage to the operator due to high DOR concentrations.

In the 80s, Karl Welz discovered that a mixture of metal shavings, suspended in a synthetic resin matrix, even surpasses the properties of Reich's organic-metallic layer structure by transmuting negative (DOR) energy into positive life energy. He called the resulting composite material "orgonite".
This was essentially the step from orgone accumulator to orgone generator. Welz used this discovery essentially in his apparently very effective "radionics apparatus".
Don Croft intuitively recognized the potential of this discovery and combined it with Reich's cloud buster experiments to create the novel orgonite cloud buster and many subsequent orgonite-based devices. The addition of quartz crystals as an "amplifier element" allowed the energy thus obtained to be projected over a much larger field. The crucial advance was that these devices work in the presence of strong DOR fields and seemed to convert the deadly radiation into life-affirming positive life energy. They even showed the most exciting quality of being stimulated to even higher OR output by these negative fields.
The network of independent individuals who work with these techniques, initiated by Don Croft, is very lively and growing rapidly, as the positive results can be tangibly experienced.
Only a few people raised in the West can see "subtle energies" directly, but everyone can tell when the "chemtrails" disappear, regions damaged by drought receive healthy rain and the plants in their surroundings bloom with a new freshness.
This network is based on empirical observation and lively discussion between its informally connected members.
We have no "final proof" that everything we think is 100% correct. But a growing number of people are seeing positive change happen as you read this. That is justification enough for us to propagate these ideas and offer the devices to those who do not have the time or skill to make them themselves.
Of course, we ourselves know that these brief explanations with regard to the emerging "New Worldview" only touch the proverbial tip of the iceberg.
You have to start somewhere, however, and we are working on a detailed reading list and link page to expand the field appropriately.


Article 3: Background Knowledge
regarding chemtrails

Chemtrails FAQ
by Toni Thayer - [email protected]
Executive Director, Blue Skies International
September 14, 2000

What is the difference between an airplane contrail and chemtrails?
According to the U.S. Air Force, aircraft contrails form over 33,000 feet when hot engine steam instantly condenses ice crystals into pencil-thin steam trails that quickly dissolve, just like the wake of a boat.
Chemtrails (CTs) look like contrails at first, but are much thicker, spread across the sky, and often show up in alternating patterns such as X-patterns, tick-tack-toe grids, cross-hatches, and parallel lines. Instead of dissolving quickly, chemtrails spread, drawing feathers and horse tails. In 30 minutes or less, they open into tufted formations that close together to form a thin white haze or fake cirrus-like cloud that persists for hours. In August 2000 chemtrail observers first reported "more normal" phenomena or almost invisible aircraft spray. However, in the remainder of the report there is talk of cloud formations that result in feathers and horse tails, just as is the case with chemtrails. We believe the operation adjusted the chemtrail mix as the news of the phenomenon spreads and more people are looking up. Constant chemtrail watchers continue to see the "fake cirrus-like clouds" above and around the real cumulus clouds.

Who is doing the spraying?
There are witnesses who documented and photographed military planes of the type KC-135 and KC-10 as well as white planes without labels. Airport staff and pilots have also confirmed that special commercial aircraft leave behind the long-lasting chemtrails.

What are the components of chemtrails and why are we sprayed?
We would like to know that too. There are only a few aircraft in the world that have the equipment to analyze the sprayed mixture and that can reach CT altitudes; you need a take-off permit to fly into the chemtrails and you need $ 22,000 a day to rent a plane.

There may be several programs running at the same time. These include changes in atmosphere and weather, as well as biological warfare. It is believed by many to be part of a covert operation to bring the New World Order (NWO) into effect by eliminating the "useless eaters" and the infirm and / or reducing the population to a level acceptable to the "elite". At first it was believed that it was a mass vaccination in the face of a possible biological weapon attack; this theory has been ruled out in view of the increase in disease caused by the CT scans.

Edward Teller's (inventor of the hydrogen bomb) proposal to reduce global warming in the US involves spraying tiny particles of aluminum to deflect the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays while allowing geothermal heat to rise through them. This seems to be confirmed by studies of rainwater after large-scale spraying in Espanola, Canada. The samples were seven times above the permitted limit for aluminum. In this case, the areas with the least ultraviolet protection, such as the southwest, would be sprayed the most. Most of the time, this doesn't seem to be the case.

In general, the sprays increase as clouds form. Chemtrails could be what caused half the world and half of the US to experience droughts in the past two years. Eyewitnesses report chemtrails falling through the cumulus clouds, after which the real clouds thinned out and eventually completely dissipated. Typically, thunderclouds form, which mix with the chemical constituents, resulting in a uniformly dirty-gray sky from which it does not rain. The real clouds disappear, leaving behind the chem formations that were above the thunderstorm system.

Another possibility are barium salt mixtures. The VTRPE (Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation) shows pilots what nearby radar systems can see under different conditions in terms of terrain and atmosphere. It was tested and improved after an aerosol barium titanite salt mixture was dropped from a military aircraft that formed chemtrails across the United States. Barium salts were also used in Libya, Panama, and the desert storm, where they were sprayed and made to explode in the air, making people extremely sick and weak. It is radioactive material that accelerates and amplifies the effects of other mixed ingredients by changing the chemical structure of the other active ingredients. Spectrum analysis shows only the barium components, but hides the "bad stuff" around which a shell is formed. After a while, the other active ingredient is released. Think of it like a temporary death pill.

What are the governments saying about the chemtrails?
No government agency in any country confirms that spraying activities are being used. In most cases, such requests are ignored. The US Air Force has stated that they routinely dump fuel over populated areas to reduce weight before landings. Recently, the environmental protection agency said it could be pesticide spraying. In general, officials disregard this with the argument of increased commercial air traffic. However, this leaves the question of why these long-lasting streaks are also observed in areas without commercial airlines. Some citizens have been told by the government to keep quiet about it.

Why should our government officials endorse such a program when they live here themselves?
Money makes the world go round, and a bunch of dollars affects our lawmakers and officials too. In 1997, the year of the disaster, insurance companies paid out $ 92 billion for claims related to the weather disaster. Teller said this weather manipulation program would cost only $ 1 billion annually. Research towards a takeover by the NWO shows a financially strong and incredibly powerful elite group of people, most of whom are afraid or unwilling to take action. We also know that informed citizens can take precautions to offset the effects of CT sprays by spending less time outdoors on spray days and by boosting their immune systems with vitamins, herbs, colloidal silver, and other therapies.

Why should the feather clouds in the sky not be real?
Feather clouds are clouds that form at high altitudes, over 20,000 feet (about 6000 meters), and they are made up of ice crystals. You are ahead of a storm or you are in the stream of the jet plane. Cumulus clouds form at lower altitudes, from 6500 feet (about 2000 meters) to 20,000 feet (about 6000 meters). These two cloudforms are observed together at lower altitudes of 9,000 feet (approximately 2,700 meters) to 15,000 feet (approximately 4,500 meters) in extremely dry conditions. That contradicts the laws of nature. Also noticeable is the white haze near the ground, which stretches over the horizon, while above it is a clear, blue sky.

How long has you been spraying?
Cloud books confirm that tests have been carried out since 1960. Old photographs show sporadic CT scans that can be dated to the early 1970s and whose activity increased steadily in the 1980s. Since 1998, citizens around the world have documented spray patterns almost daily, with an average of one "clear" day per week. We all got used to these changes as they happened step by step and we thought they were normal. Younger generations have never experienced normal weather and normal clouds.

Are they spraying us here?
Since 1998, most areas in the US, Canada, Europe and England have been heavily sprayed, including those regions that do not have commercial air routes in their airspace. Recently, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Croatia reported on chemtrail spraying campaigns.

Why should we be so concerned about the chemtrails?
A "flu-like" epidemic is spreading, which the Center for Disease Control (in Germany: Federal Center for Health Education) says is caused by an "unknown pathogen". According to their latest summary report on influenza, dated May 6, 2000, 11 out of 100 people who died recently had died of "flu-like illness," but 99 percent of the sick people tested negative for the flu. The most common symptoms mentioned by witnesses in the wake of these white streaks are: persistent dry cough, upper respiratory and bowel problems, pneumonia, extreme fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, racing headache, joint and muscle pain, nosebleeds, diarrhea, bloody stool, depression, anxiety, bladder weakness and nervous muscle twitching. Old people, children and people weakened by illness, as well as people in poor physical condition, are the first to experience the effects of CT scans.

Why should I join Blue Skies International?
The chemtrails are a program that affects the whole world, its climate, its people and our children's heritage. The spray program is screamed as being good before our eyes. Blue Skies, a newly formed community initiative, demands responses, action and accountability from our government leaders. The more members we have, the more influence we have.
All donations and membership fees are used to educate and further research the world's residents. As a "public" charity, Blue Skies relies on public funding to provide our services: educational materials, website, speakers, new articles, research and communication with the government. Contact information is available on our temporary website:
Toni T. Thayer, Executive Director Blue Skies International

Article 4: Do Chemtrails Cause Droughts?
by Marjorie Tietjen
[email protected] Director for Lyme Disease Conerns,
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation
There are more and more droughts across the United States and other parts of the world. Negative incidents of all kinds are constantly increasing. There is evidence to suggest that none of this happened by accident. It appears that associations and certain government splinter groups play an important role in causing and covering up many of these negative incidents.

This is meant to be an article on droughts and their possible causes and what hopefully we can do to reverse it all. However, I think it is important to address some information that I have received from others that is extremely important in the current desperate world situation. Understandably, citizens want to know why their government and / or certain associations should have an interest in causing droughts and economic crises, keeping us at a constant state of war, depriving us of many of our rights, inventing diseases to benefit from treatment ( instead of healing) or otherwise harm the environment, which would ultimately affect the instigators and their own families as well. These questions are not easy to answer, especially for those of us who cannot understand this destructive, power-hungry thought that seems so extraterrestrial and absurd.

Fear, greed, hatred, and hunger for power are some of the motives behind many of these negative acts. We need to understand these basic causes of disharmony in our world and do everything possible not to feed it ourselves. We must not react with exactly the same properties, because these will only increase negativity.
We have to expose and expose the evil, but then we have to respond to it with determination, wisdom, understanding and love. This may sound strange to some of you, but the reality is that spiritual love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Obviously there is more than one reason for the spray actions, but we will focus on the weather manipulation aspect.According to reports in the mass media, the northeast drought began in the fall of 2001. Since I saw my first chemtrails in 1999, I have observed the sky daily and I have noticed a basic or general spray pattern. The pattern sometimes changes with a few days of cloudy skies, but usually the following is pretty safe to expect. There is heavy spraying a day or two before a predicted front hits. A complete cloud cover is often the obvious goal. When the front arrives, one often hears jet planes flying low over the cloud cover. After all (although predicted) we get no rain at all, or only an insignificant amount. When the clouds break up, the air is opaque white in contrast to the more transparent nature of fog. Many chemtrail researchers have evidence that barium salts make up part of the mixture released by these jet planes. Barium is a dessicant and absorbs moisture. Barium and probably other chemicals may also be used in connection with HAARP, a joint project of the US Air Force and the Navy to fundamentally influence the weather.
At this point I would like to insert an excerpt from "Chemtrails" Effects Part 2.

"Tommy Farmer, a former engineer at Raytheon Missle Systems, has been tracking aircraft contrail patterns for over a year. After observing repeated spraying in front of or into cloud systems, Farmer is fairly certain that the contrail phenomenon is part of one He notes that the chemtrails create far more moisture in the cloud systems, resulting in severe local storms, while surrounding areas that have released their moisture to the storm cells suffer from drought.
The large X patterns formed by tanker aircraft formations in the sky can be tracked by satellite and coordinated with the crossed rays of ionospheric heaters (HAARP) to heat the upper atmosphere, changing its temperature and density, and the effects of Storms are intensified.
This unclassified joint U.S. Air Force and Navy project, based in Gakon, Alaska, known as the High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP), has used in-phase antennas for the past several years to direct powerful beams of precisely focused radio waves so that they "stimulate" the heat and control parts of the upper atmosphere.

The HAARP commercial patent, granted in 1985 to MIT physicist Bernard Eastland, claims that targeted beams of energy in excess of a billion watts can be used to manipulate the wind patterns of the upper atmosphere by using strips of atmospheric particles as a lens or focus, To disturb the weather thousands of miles away. In an interview with this reporter, Eastland admitted, "I wanted to use this intense beam, which can also be angled, to do a few experiments on steering the
Making aircraft currents to move them from here to there. "
(End of excerpt)

Storm intensification, storm changes and the induction of drought are topics of a research study by the Luftwaffe entitled "Weather as a multiplier of the armed forces". The ultimate goal was formulated as "controlling the weather by 2025". Chemtrails are almost never seen the day after a front is pulled through. In our area, the rule applies that one or two days follow when the sky is clear, sometimes three. Then the whole thing starts all over again: it is predicted that a storm will blow through in a few days.

Sometimes this pattern is broken by light spraying, especially during sunrise and sunset. On some days the planes play "connecting clouds", the purpose for which this happens is open. Our winter 2001/2002 was very strange with an unusual, severe drought and very warm temperatures. From what has been reported in the media, it looks like the drought could continue and potentially cause major problems.

It reminds me of the media propaganda about biological warfare. My personal inner feeling is that they make a continued drought look plausible so that when the farmers lose their land, the water is rationed and there is a possible famine, everything will look like a natural event. I can't prove any of this and I don't want to paint the devil on the wall either, but I think we need to follow our inner feelings and talk about this possibility before it's too late. We cannot wait to do our research until we have certain evidence ... and it is OUR research. We must not depend on our government to solve all of our problems, and never do so to that extent. That is very dangerous.

There is an excellent article by Dr. Vandana Shiva entitled "Monsanto's Expanding Monopolies". I would like to pass on some excerpts. "In recent years, Monsanto, a chemical plant, has established itself as an agricultural company by controlling seeds - the first link in the food chain. Monsanto now wants control over water, the foundation of life." "Monsanto sees a new way to do business with the emerging water crisis. The planning documents say, 'First of all, we believe that irregularities (either major process changes or major trend changes in the quality and quantity of resources) are likely, especially what that Water is concerned and we will be in a good position with these deals to benefit even more when these irregularities happen. ' Thus, the pollution crisis and depletion of Monsanto's water supplies are viewed as a business opportunity. "

Is it possible that the emerging water crisis could be artificially created? I think the answer could be yes, but we need to do more research in this direction, and do it very seriously. I've been trying to figure out what is best to do. Many of us have tried contacting our lawmakers, government agencies, universities, and the mass media, but with minimal success. I have wondered who a drought would affect most, who would it worry most, and therefore who would be most willing to unite in an association. I came to the most obvious conclusion ... anyone whose livelihood is directly related to the use of water. Everyone involved in agriculture and animal husbandry came to mind first. I'm sure there are a ton of other stores that could be named as well.

I decided to put packages of chemtrail photos, Congress bills, documents, patents, newspaper articles, etc. together and hand them over to some of the large farms in our region.
I've only just started so I can't report any results yet other than that I've always been welcomed benevolently and that some orchard owners I spoke to immediately knew what I was talking about when I mentioned the airplane stripes that are not dissolving ... after all, many of these people spend all day outdoors. The farm managers and owners said they would pass the information on to their partners and asked how they could contact me if needed. They seemed very grateful for the information. I used to try to educate the general public about the chemtrails and have had mixed success. I have found that when I have specific information about the specific drought / chemtrails problem and share it with all the appropriate people / businesses that may be affected, and when I do all of this with a desire to help, I get consistently better responses .

I try not to be sensational about this issue, instead I try to stay calm and present facts. We have to admit that we don't have all the answers and that we have to work together to find them. If farmers take the time to do their own observations, and then discover a relationship between spraying and weather conditions, then they may want to contact the other farmers in their area that I've spoken to and maybe start up a kind of community of interests to research further and take legal action.

I tend to be impatient and when the owners were unavailable I would give all the information to the workers that they should pass on to the owners. Some workers told me to wait until the owner was there and make an appointment with him if necessary, otherwise the material would not be taken seriously. That's a very good suggestion. Always speak to the owner / managers or you could end up wasting your material. Don't be shy and ask to speak to the owner / manager. If drought appears to be a widening problem in your area and it is affecting their livelihoods, then they will not feel like you are stealing their time. People are starting to sense that something strange is going on of a very different nature, and if you go to them with a sincere heart, people will feel it.

You can explain the process to them, including the disinformation through the mass media, and in that case they will no longer allow themselves to be influenced, but will be able to tell the lies from the truth. If certain points are exposed, those responsible will rush to offer an alternative explanation or even to cover everything up with half-truths and confuse the public. Give some possible examples of the drought situation, such as the president announcing that chemtrails are only there to prevent global warming. Given that Gorbachev and others of the "One World Government" have declared that the environment and the global warming scenario will be the cornerstones of the "New World Order", those who inform you will be vigilant and cannot be influenced when confronted with disinformation.

Another ingenious claim I heard about recently is that we have had much higher levels of pollution lately with fine particles preventing rain from falling out of the clouds (partial truth). The trend will be to trick people into believing that the crisis is wholly caused by unintended, unregulated pollution that would require global government restrictions.
Gorbachev founded the "Green Cross", a collection pool for ideas on the subject of the environment, with the "Earth Charter" as the basic law. He hopes that the charter of the earth will live up to the ten commandments and guide us through the new millennium. He speaks of nations losing their sovereignty, clearing the way for international laws that prescribe general views, values, standards and behavior and are consistent with the consensus of a group of leaders he has chosen and whom he calls the "Council of Wise Men" or "Global Brain Trust". Remember, the environmental crisis, real or announced, is supposed to be a cornerstone or the frightening factor that is supposed to lead us to beg for the help offered by world government.

Now is the time to act and inform. We can no longer allow ourselves the luxury of worrying about what others will say. Working together can be a joyful and exciting experience. When I approach others with the right motive and attitude, most people will be very friendly and receptive. If any of you have any good ideas, you are invited to email me.

The following is an incomplete list of the ingredients in my package that I distribute to companies.
- Individual chemtrail photos or a collage of your best photos. You bring seven or eight cropped photos to this size of paper and then reproduce them with a color copier. There is a color copier where I also make copies of my articles.

-Spotlight article:

-Space Weapons (Chemtrail) Bill:

-Teller Sunscreen:

-Monsanto article:

-Climate Review:

-Carnicom Website: Barium Articles, Fine Particles Photos, Visitor List of Government Offices and Associations Apparently Interested in Chemtrails. Any other matching items.
-Powder Contrail Generator Patent

-Welsbach Seeding Patent
-Chemtrails Impact Part II:

It costs a bit of money to put this whole package together, but you can do this for your own private charity - and you know where your money is going!

Chemtrails - What You Need To Know -
New compilation and medical data
by Holly Deyo, [email protected]
There are few points of controversy today that have fueled the controversy sparked by chemtrails. It is a matter of almost global proportions. There are mainly three theories in circulation to explain the spraying actions: 1. Weather manipulation, 2. Population reduction, 3. Mass vaccination.
Frankly, a few years ago, when there was too little factual information, Stan and I didn't quite know how to stand on the subject, but we tended to believe in the mass vaccination theory. That was at a time when our armed forces were being vaccinated against anthrax, which was followed by a holy riot. It was and still is difficult for us to believe that our government really wants to exterminate its citizens.
According to the latest interviews with Will Thomas, the spray actions seem to be at least partially used to manipulate the weather and / or to neutralize global warming. He goes on to say that these weather manipulations are being carried out under pressure from insurance companies, who are facing financial ruin through continued claims in connection with disasters. The catch? The procedures for weather manipulation enlarge the ozone hole and increase global warming. It is a short-term expedient with even worse consequences.
It appears that two types of spray are being performed, which would explain several assumed scenarios. For those who are relatively new to this information, here's a general summary:

Chemtrails, unlike contrails, take three or more hours to resolve. Normal contrails disappear in about 20 minutes.
Chemtrails mostly look flat.

Another feature that sets them apart from regular contrails is that advanced chemtrails form a vertical dropping curtain.
Intense spraying is done in tic-tac-toe, X, and grid patterns.

Spraying operations are generally performed by the following types of aircraft: KC-10A, KC-135 (707) and C-130 for high altitude spraying and C-130 turboprop aircraft for lower altitude spraying. The KC-10A is a three-engine machine and would normally leave three parallel contrails behind. The KC-135 is a smaller, four-engine machine that would typically leave four parallel contrails. However, when used for chemtrail operations, these machines leave only a single, thick, puffy one
Chemtrail and show no normal contrails. There are other types of aircraft that have been used for spraying, but these three are the most important.
There are two types of spray: those at high altitudes, i.e. 20,000 feet and higher, and those at lower altitudes, the two apparently serving different purposes.

The spray mixture that is sprayed at lower altitudes contains fungi and causes a wide variety of symptoms, including headaches worse than migraines, heartburn, heart disease, in rare cases cardiac arrest, flu-like symptoms, extreme fatigue, diarrhea, muscle pain and swelling and joints, dizziness, nausea, stiff neck, severe sore throat, general malaise.

Symptoms last up to three months or more, which is unusual for flu.

The symptoms are not easily treatable with antibiotics.

Chemtrail missions are terminated when the wind speed on the ground reaches or exceeds 20 miles per hour.

Chemtrails result in the death of the elderly, the very young, and those with weak immune systems.

After spraying, a gelatinous material can be observed coming from low-flying, multi-engine machines. Spiderweb-like material was analyzed from high-altitude spray in laboratories at public universities along with some of the pathogens identified.

Countries reporting spray include: Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, and the United States. Note: This spray list does not include China, Russia or the Middle East. In the United States, there are spray reports from every single state and literally every major city, including the surrounding area.

What do chemtrails include?
Parts of the substances in the chemtrails have been identified: It is a cocktail of JP8 + 110 aircraft fuel mixed with ethylene dibromide (EDB). This chemical pesticide was banned by EPA in 1983 as a definitive carcinogen and chemical poison. This type of spray mixture can cause the following symptoms: respiratory problems, severe sore throat and sinus infections, swelling of the lymph glands, coughing fits, shortness of breath, sinus headache, general breathing problems, heart and liver damage. Due to the strong lung irritation, EDB makes you more susceptible to other biological agents.
In the absence of a better term, the material found on the exterior of buildings and on windshields is called "brown grease". It can hardly be removed with soap and water and has been found to be highly toxic to anyone who comes into contact with it. Do not touch, handle or try to remove it on your own.
"Numerous red and white blood cells, as well as unidentified cell types, were found in the submicron fiber sample previously presented to Carol M. Browner, director of the US Environmental Protection Agency. The cells appear to be freeze-dried or parched in their natural form within the microscopic fibers be."
"Thomas also reported that spray samples were analyzed in which many deadly and toxic pathogens were found, including Mycoplasma Fermetens Incognitus (the same man-made pathogen that Dr. Garth Nicholson found in about 45% of veterans who contracted Gulf War disease Thomas found, however, that Mycoplasma was only one pathogen in a group of highly toxic, life-threatening substances that had been analyzed in the chemtrail remains. "

Chemtrail cocktails - No, thanks, we forego
As edited by Will Thomas, there are at least four or five ingredients found in these cocktails.

A unique chemical marker used to identify the particular biological cocktail. This marker comes from a coral reef found in an ocean on the other side of the world.

The samples contain a bacterium, Pseudomonas fluoresans, which is responsible for serious blood infections. Thomas describes this organism as a bacterium that, as his research has shown, appears in more than 160 Pentagon patents covering both biological warfare applications and air vaccination experiments. It is also mentioned in the DOD literature as an experimental bio-warfare bacterium. In addition, Pseudomonas fluoresans is known to affect the respiratory tract and is associated with severe coughing fits, general weakness, and dizziness, and it is highly resistant to most antibiotics.

Some samples contained Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which invades and attacks the respiratory system. If there is an infection with this bacterium, the walls of the lungs produce a thick mucus that leads to breathing difficulties, coughing fits and shortness of breath even after little physical exertion. After the infections set in, aeruginosa produces a wide range of toxic proteins that cause widespread tissue damage and severely impair the immune system. It is also associated with bronchitis, pneumonia, ear and eye infections, meningitis, muscle and joint pain, cystic fibrosis, and stomach discomfort. Aeruginosa is also very resistant to antibiotics.

A fungus called Streptomyces has also appeared in these cocktails. This fungus is usually found in research laboratories because it is mainly used to make antibiotics such as tetracycline and streptomycin. The form of this fungus found outside of the laboratory can cause serious infections in the human body.

The final ingredient discovered in these cocktails is a special bacillus that contained what is known as a DNA restriction enzyme. This ultimately allows genes to be joined together. The scientist can take out a certain sequence of a DNA chain and transfer it to another organism and thus create a mutation. This substance can only be found in genetic engineering laboratories - it is used, among other things, to produce special viruses with certain properties and pathological findings.

Protect yourself
First of all, if you see chemtrails that match criteria 1 through 4, go inside. The same goes for pets if possible. Second, do not touch the cobweb-like substances or the "brown smear".
Third, build your immune system. Avoid fatty foods, refined sugar, white flour, salt, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and relaxation drugs. Drink plenty of pure water. Take supplements like vitamins A, C, E, and zinc. Echinacea and Goldenseal have also proven helpful. Some people recommend daily doses of colloidal silver as well as gargling with it. Do not burn your candle on both ends; get enough sleep.

When exposed to chemtrails
This is not a silver bullet, but it will help.

Take a hot shower with an antibacterial soap such as Dial. Hot water helps kill bacteria, fungi, and yeast bacteria. Be sure to wash your hair as it will be close to your mouth, nose and eyes (easier access to your airways).

If you have heartburn or cough up green phlegm, see a doctor right away. Green phlegm means bacterial infection in either the lungs or the upper respiratory tract. Bacterial infections spread quickly and can only be killed by antibiotics, although these are not always effective.

Assessment of the scenarios
So what is the purpose of the sprays?

Weather manipulation
From the published agenda, we know that the US Air Force is currently heavily involved in weather manipulation and control techniques. It is very likely that tests will be carried out, which is the cause of some of the sprays. "The Air Force also admits they routinely dump fuel from the highly toxic JP8 and use soot in weather manipulation. According to recent NASA cloud studies, soot is a" very effective "focal point around which water vapor can condense, creating an artificial cloud cover." wilco / mysites.html

Population reduction
If the goal is to reduce the population, one would think that populous countries like India, China, Africa and Indonesia would be attacked. If spraying is done for nefarious targets, why not just spray at night when you could go largely undetected? We find it difficult to believe that our government would approve of such activities, since their own families and friends, and not least themselves, would be equally at risk. This seems like the least likely scenario.

Mass vaccination
It is possible that governments may want to vaccinate their populations against anthrax, tularemia (rabbit plague), brucellosis, or all three. At present, anthrax is arguably the greatest national threat that our country as well as other countries are currently facing. The pathogen is easy to make, transport and apply, and death occurs fairly quickly. The economic damage caused by an anthrax attack by a terrorist group is estimated at around $ 26 billion per 100,000 people affected. That’s important.

The technology for this type of DNA vaccination exists. People's symptoms after chemtrail spraying are the same as those caused by drugs mixed with the host bacteria used for vaccination. However, until a comparison group of people has actually been tested for their immunity to anthrax, there is no evidence that the active ingredient is only effective against anthrax.

The most likely method of transmission is by air. This technology exists. Here are some examples:

At the University of Guelph, scientists are working on an aerosol vaccine for chickens to protect them against E. coli. "Live vaccines have many advantages: They can be given in small doses and distributed on a large scale via an aerosol spray."

The conclusions of the 75th meeting of the National Health Institute on December 4, 1997 stated that significant progress had been made in the manufacture of an aerosol flu vaccine.

In the fall of 1997, Rhodes College's Biology course had a section entitled "Viruses: Risks and Benefits to Society". The course was about the use of new aerosol vaccines and how easy they are to use in animals. The animals only have to inhale the vaccine and are protected against respiratory infections.

I heard there is a page on the Kansas State University home page (this is huge and I couldn't find the page) that responds to inquiries from interested parties interested in licensing aerosol commercialization technologies developed at KSU Distribution system. It has already been developed to deliver small proteins and DNA enzymes deep into the respiratory system for immunization purposes.

In 1998, Renee Land received research funding to continue her research on an aerosol rinderpest vaccine for outdoor farm animals and wildlife. Rinderpest is a highly contagious and deadly virus that attacks both groups of animals. Any outbreak of the virus can mean a major ecological and economic disaster.

From 1995: Dr. Fred W. Scott of the Cornell Cat Health Center conducted three experiments to determine the safety and effectiveness of a new intranasal vaccine against FIP ​​(Feline Infectious Peritonitis), namely Primucell-FIP - currently marketed by SmithKline Beecham Animal Health (SBAH, formerly North Laboratories).

Measles Vaccine - "A new * aerosol vaccine has been developed that enables measles vaccination as early as four to six months of age." wedmunds / c13-imun.htm

* This article was revised in 1992. It is not possible to infer from the wording how long this aerosol vaccine was available, but it appears to have been between 1992 and 1995.

Recent discussions on television and newspapers, as well as government press releases, state that NBC attacks are believed to be not just likely, but imminent. It follows that mass vaccination will take place. We only need to refer to the last three ABC mock tests in Rhode Island, Washington D.C. and to remind Denver for the past two weeks to know that the government is very concerned.

In addition, there is the published list of 120 cities in the United States likely to be at risk from NBC attacks. In general, it can be said that every major city is on the list. Finally, President Clinton has openly and repeatedly warned of an impending NBC attack. This is foreseen and expected. As we wrote in our 1997 Building Community Newsletter regarding the huge problem predicted for El Nino, if FEMA or any government agency warns of a problem, you can bet we already have it or that it is imminent.

If this is really about mass vaccination, then one might ask why the government doesn't just make its spraying plans public. Here are some possible explanations: 1. Liability. People died from the spray. 2. Potential terrorists would then officially find out that we were preparing for a certain disease and could change their plans and use a different pathogen. 3. Avoidance of mass panic. 4. Avoidance of legal actions or a not inconsiderable violation of civil rights. Because who has ever agreed to the spraying campaigns?

You should think about this before you get upset about unauthorized, involuntary spraying. Put yourself in the shoes of the government. If you faced an impending NBC attack, how would you best protect the 275 million citizens of the United States, 19 million Australians, 31 million Canadians, 100 million Mexicans, nearly four million New Zealanders and 60 million citizens of the United Kingdom? The task would be overwhelming and underscores the need for a method that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. And that would be massive aerosol vaccinations. We're not saying this is the right way to do the job, but it was probably the best all-round solution in the eyes of the government. We don't want to be in their skin and have to make these decisions.

Our conclusions
If we were pressed with the question: "Well, what do YOU ​​mean, what is the reason for the chemtrail spraying", then we would list them from very to less likely as follows: mass vaccination; any type of weather change and / or control; and finally: population reduction. However, there are many different points of view. One of the absolute best comments was written by Richard Malinowski and can be found here: wolfmind / CT01.html The comment is detailed and quite long - at least 169 KB. The subject of spray is so dominant and potentially harmful that you should research and study it thoroughly. Some other great places where you can do this are listed below.

Further literature
Millennium Greetings from the New World Order (or How I Learned to Love the Chemtrail Bomb) - excellent, detailed background article: wolfmind / CT01.html
Chemtrail Crime & Cover-up - Excellent, detailed information:
Contrail Connection photos, discussion forums, disease reports and sprays:
Will Thomas - the investigative journalist from Canada who unearthed the history and medical connections: wilco /
Background article and photos: wilco / investsky.htm
Will Thomas' update: wilco / mysites.html
Chemtrail observations - many articles, photos:
Chemtrails à la carte:

With kind regards,
Holly and Stan Seismo and Taco

Article 5: Chemtrails & Disinformation
by Ken Welch

Spring hits the Texas Gulf Coast early and since we barely had a real winter this year, the weather in the Houston area was largely determined by cloudy skies. Since January we have observed weak cold fronts that periodically penetrate down from the north, only to be pushed back by the warm, humid air from the Gulf and many clouds. After more than a year of spraying, completely cloudless blue skies have become so rare that it is noticeable when it is. One of these days was the penultimate Sunday, February 26th. Since I was working on a photo project to better identify spray planes, when I woke up I was amazed by the perfect clear view. Our local spray group had been very busy for many days with the streaks of cloud often seen through the breaking cloud cover and the occasional plume of ethylene dibromide wafting through town.While it had rained a little the day before, this morning there was no rain at all in sight. But for some reason the sprayers seemed to be asleep.

I was disappointed because the clear weather would have given me some great photos and I could have tried the new lens, but the planes were nowhere to be seen. I would have to keep watching the sky to see if they showed up later in the day. Maybe it was imagination, but a wonderful atmosphere seemed to be spreading across the region and everyone seemed to want to be outside. I was quickly caught up in my current plans of going to several flea markets looking for a bargain on patio furniture and that sort of thing, and I noticed that the number of people who were spending their free time in the same way was twice as high as usual . The fine weather lasted all day, with warm Texan sunshine and a nice cool breeze from the north making being outdoors a pleasure. And no chemtrail in sight all day. Not even one!

In fact, the breeze got cooler as the day went on and when I got home I checked the weather to see what was really going on. The rain the day before had heralded the cool air from the north, which increased over the course of Sunday. Sunday evening did indeed get a little chilly for the people who had walked around in T-shirts during the day. The following day, warm, moist air would again move north, wiping out all traces of the weak cold front, but creating the cloud cover that hid the current spraying so well. But from our point of view, the weather picture was pretty informative. After 15 months of almost incessant chemical spraying over Houston and other major cities, why wasn't there a single white line in the sky on that beautiful, cloudless Sunday?

Most readers know that I concluded earlier last year that chemical spraying of civilians was a harbinger of a momentous event in the near future. I suspect that this event is characterized by the massive use of biological agents, because the reduced resistance to infections from the air is the only known effect of ethylene dibromide that appears to be relevant. (Decreased fertility becomes more important as the time the program is used.) Others have more optimistic explanations, but that is wishful thinking in my eyes. Since the sprays have cost billions of dollars so far, it is safe to assume that we are dealing with an event that was created to unleash geopolitical and economic changes on an incredible scale.

As this "event" approaches, we see a significant increase in what can now only be called disinformation. I think the expected level of publicity was carefully calculated, and it was concluded that there would not be enough people who would wake up and realize what is happening before it is too late. But with the explosive growth of the Internet, chemtrail awareness is reaching "critical mass" far too early. There are too many people now who can say, "We know what you are doing, and when this is all over you will pay for it." At the same time, a major disinformation campaign is taking place both here and in Europe to prevent this from happening and to deceive as many people as possible about what is actually happening.

To understand the logic, let's go back to that beautiful Sunday. I'm at the ranch today and see a nice spray pattern in the northern sky over the city of Huntsville. The wind is from the west, so the sprayers working Houston will be west of the city this morning, beyond my horizon. If the wind turns north this afternoon, they'll be here and I'll get the camera out. But on this particular Sunday, all spraying activities stopped and there wasn't a single white line in the sky. Why?

Cooler air flowed in that day, so according to the disinformation campaign, those mysterious white lines should be more prevalent and persistent. As almost everyone knows by now, the disinformation specialists will tell you that your eyes and your memory are playing tricks on you, because what we see is a "natural" phenomenon, namely contrails. Contrails form at high altitudes (about five or six miles - between 8,000 and 10,000 feet - and higher) when the moisture in the hot aircraft debris freezes, leaving a trail of tiny ice crystals that dissolve in a minute or so, however persist for a long time in extreme cold and calm.

Disinformation websites actually present images of traces of chemical spraying and cheekily claim they are contrails. Interestingly, it seems like in Europe that people have a better eye for distance and heights than people here, or a better memory of what contrails really look like; the contrail story is therefore not so good here. As a result, the disinformation channels tell people that chemtrails are actually a pollution problem resulting from a sudden and mysterious switch to highly polluting aircraft engines (the opposite is the case) and a six-fold increase in commercial air traffic that appears to be nonexistent Reason happened overnight. We would immediately reject this story as nonsense in the USA, instead we have our trouble with imaginary ice crystals.