What are the best new K-Dramas

Our Top 10 K-Dramas - Beware of addiction!

Are you guys as big K-Drama fans as I am? If you had all the time in the world, would you watch one K-drama after another? Then you are right here! I have listed some of my top favorites from K-Dramaland for you that you absolutely have to see!

1. Goblin

My favorite of the K-dramas is Goblin. With a great cast and a great story, Goblin totally won me over. In addition to the super good-looking Gong Yoo, BtoB star Yook Sung Jae and hottie Lee Dong Wook also play. For me a main reason to watch this drama.

The story also appeals to fantasy lovers: the goblin has an immortal life and hopes to end this ordeal. To do this, he has to find a human bride who can pull the sword out of his chest. Hundreds of years later, he meets Ji Eun Tak, who has the ability to see ghosts. Things get more complicated when he falls in love with the young Ji Eun Tak and finds a reason to stay alive.

A mix of comedy, romance, drama and the supernatural creates a lot of tension and humor. There is no lack of bromance in this drama. The OSTs (Original Soundtrack) are also catchy. A must-watch among the K-dramas and especially recommended!

2. The moon that embraces the sun

My first historical drama that totally won me over. Already in the first episode I was gripped by curiosity and never let go. The story - just great and super exciting!

The young Heo Yeon Woo meets Crown Prince Lee Hwon one day and they both fall in love. Yeon Woo is chosen as Crown Princess, but is killed by magic a short time later on behalf of the Queen. But Yeon Woo wakes up again from the dead, but with memory loss. Years later she meets the unsuspecting and grieving Crown Prince again. Can Yeon Woo regain her rightful place? Check it out for yourself and become fans too!

Kim Soo Hyun as Crown Prince makes it the perfect drama. The OSTs are also super great. Catchy tunes guaranteed!

3. Descendants of the Sun

One of the most popular dramas both in South Korea and abroad is Descendants of the Sun. And rightly so! It tells of the love story between the surgeon Kang Mo-Yeon and the officer of the special forces officer Yoo Shi-Jin. The story takes place in the fictional war zone Urk and shows the good and bad sides of life in this area.

The many action scenes and also many super funny scenes make this K-drama special. The love story of the supporting cast is also as interesting as that of the main cast. But the best part about the drama is still the cast. The sweet song Joong Ki and the beautiful song Hye Kyo in the leading role make this drama perfect. Here, too, praise for the OSTs. So folks, the best thing to do is to convince yourself of this super great drama!

4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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⚠️Hyunshik, Jisoo and Park Bo young's upcoming drama on JBTC. ♨️ Plot: ⤵️ Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) is a young woman born with superhuman strength, who breaks everything she touches if she's not careful. However, she desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush In Guk-doo (Ji Soo). Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a spoiled rich heir An Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik), the boss of a gaming company. Opposite of Guk-doo, Min-hyuk is a crazy and odd man who is imperious and has no regard for rules. . . Cast intagram: @parkboyoung @actor_jisoo @ phs1116. . Follow @strongwomandobongsoon_official for latest updates ???? . . . [#strongwomandobongsoon #strongwoman #hyunshik #hwarang #parkhyunshik #parkboyoung #jisoo #namjoohyuk #goblin #voice #defendant #kdrama #kdramas #kpop #exo #bts # missing9 #chanyeol #kai #jungkook #kookie #vimook #njewisook #kookie #vimook #njkook # picoftheday #friendzone #friendship #romcom #strength #gym]

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Do Bong Soon was born with superhuman powers. One day she is hired as a bodyguard by Ahn Min Hyuk (played by ZE: A Schönling Park Hyung Shik), CEO of a gaming company. Min Hyuk is threatened by an unknown enemy and wants to solve the problem with the help of the powerful Do Bong Soon. Meanwhile, several kidnappings take place in Bong Soon's neighborhood. Detective Kook-Do, crush and good friend of Bong Soon, tries to solve these crimes. Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are drawn into the matter.

My conclusion: one of the funniest K-dramas I've ever seen! The great mix of action and comedy makes it exciting and you always want more. If you want to see female power instead of strong men, you should definitely watch this drama!

5. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

IU and Lee Joon Ki fans will love this drama. Baekhyun from Exo is also there and makes women's hearts beat faster. This drama is about Go Ha-Jin, who is transported back to the Goryeo era and finds herself in the body of the wealthy Hae-Soo. There she meets the seven princes who are fighting for the throne and she is right in the middle of it.

A heartbreaking love story where you'd better have a box full of tissues on hand. A typical K-drama with a happy ending? - Maybe, maybe not. Check it out and find out!

6. Kill Me, Heal Me

Ever wanted to know how someone with multiple personality disorder is doing? Then you've come to the right place with this drama.

Cha Do Hyeon develops seven different personalities after a traumatic experience. These personalities try to take control of his body. Oh Ri Jin then becomes his secret doctor. What trauma created these seven personalities? Can he get rid of these personalities? Check it out for yourself!

A mix of different genres such as comedy, medicine, romance and mystery make up this drama. In my opinion, Ji Sung staged the personalities perfectly, which was definitely not easy. The tension in this drama remains until the end. A great drama if you are interested in the topic of multiple personality disorder!

7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju

This drama is about sport, more precisely about weightlifting. Bok Joo is a weightlifter who dreams of a gold medal. But then she falls in love for the first time and things change. This drama is somewhat similar to the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, in which the woman is "the strong one". Your first experience of love is presented in a fun way that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

This drama is about inner beauty, friendship and love. With Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung in the lead roles, you've got to see this drama!

8. Ruler: Master of the Mask

All Yoo Seung Ho and L (Infinite) fans watch out! Both of them play the main roles here and that's a good reason to watch this historical drama, isn't it?

This story is about the masked crown prince who fights against the Pyunsoo-Hwe organization. This has the control of the water supply for the whole country. With the help of his great love Han Ga Eun, he takes action against this organization and grows into a true ruler.

I had never felt so much anger in a drama as in this one. If you watch this drama you will know what I'm talking about. The love story also gets under your skin. Almost every episode had a great cliffhanger. Definitely recommendable!

9. Master’s Sun

A must-watch for all horror fans. Master’s Sun - a great mix of comedy and romance that will give you goose bumps every now and then.

The story is about Joo Joong Won, CEO of a department store, and Tae Gong Shil, who has been able to see ghosts since an accident. Together they help the spirits find their peace. Joong Won learns to trust her and falls in love with her.

A Korean version of the American series "Ghost Whisperer" that really makes you laugh and cry. Check it out and see for yourself!

10. My Love from the Star

Anyone who is a Kim Soo Hyun fan will love this drama! Here he plays the alien Do Min Joon, who landed on earth 400 years ago and has special abilities. He quickly finds out that he only has 3 months left on earth. During this time he meets Cheon Song Yi. An unusual love story begins ...

A wonderful story with two super talented actors in the lead role: Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. With this drama too, I have to praise the OSTs.

The best K-Drama streaming sites

So folks, after listing my top K-dramas here, you're probably wondering where to go to see these dramas, right? Here are some free sites that offer a wide variety of K-dramas:

Viki convinces with super HD quality. Almost all of the dramas are also available with German subtitles. A disadvantage of Viki, however, is that commercials are played over and over again. You can only get rid of these commercials if you buy the Viki Pass.

Dramacool9 is my favorite and so far it hasn't disappointed me. No commercials in the middle and quite good quality (sometimes even HD quality). Unfortunately, the dramas are only shown here with English subtitles, which is the only disadvantage.

Have you seen these dramas yet? Which are your favorites? Do you know any other streaming sites?