Is there a real place called Westeros

Game of Thrones: the real Westeros

Fans of "Game of Thrones" (GoT) will still have to be patient: The eighth and final season will not be broadcast until spring 2019. But the waiting time can be bridged with a trip to Northern Ireland, to the "real" Westeros. Nowhere else are there more locations for the hit fantasy series. prism presents them in three parts.

1) The Dark Hedges (Stranocum, County Antrim)

The imposing "Dark Hedges" beech alley in the small village of Stranocum has been one of Northern Ireland's most photographed natural wonders for many years. Game of Thrones made her even more famous. The avenue served the series as part of the "Königsweg", the most important land route of the Seven Kingdoms. If you want to take a souvenir photo without other tourists, you have to be patient - or get up very early.

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Some trees of the Dark Hedges fell victim to violent winter storms in 2015/16. The Irish tourism authorities have carved ten doors from their wood, each representing an episode of the sixth season. The doors are distributed all over the country and freely accessible. They adorn pubs and hotels that are located near a GoT filming location. An overview of the locations can be found online at

3) Castle Ward (near Strangford, County Down)

Castle Ward and its surroundings are known as "Winterfell" at Thronies. The House of the Starks in the north is one of the main locations of season 1 and the setting for over 20 other locations. Castle Ward is open to visitors all year round. On the Winterfell Orientation Tour, fans can borrow costumes and practice archery in exactly the same place as Bran, Jon and Robb.

4) Audley’s Castle (near Strangford, County Down)

Above Strangford Lough, on Audley’s Field, stands Audley’s Castle, a small castle from the 15th century. She also belongs to Castle Ward. After the Battle of Ochsenfurt, Robb meets his future wife Talisa here for the first time (Season 2).

5) Cuan Inn (Strangford, County Down)

The Cuan Inn is just a few minutes' drive from Castle Ward. The main cast of GoT stayed in the hotel while filming on Winterfell. There are authentic GoT banquets, inspired by the banquet for King Robert in the Starks aristocratic house. The Hodoor beer and the King’s Gold Met are unique - both only available at the Cuan Inn. The mead is even suitable for hand luggage and is therefore ideal as a souvenir for GoT fans who stayed at home.