American TV shows are popular in England

The range of TV series has once again grown by a few top-class products in recent years. With titles like Dexter, "Games of Thrones", Breaking Bad, True Detective, House of Cards, Better Call Saul, the Golden Age of Television was heralded in recent years. The success of the series of this format in the last few years speaks a large part of the development of the German-speaking market. Numerous newspapers reported about it. Another clear point is the clear preference of many US series over the productions of the German market in recent years.

Why series are so popular at the moment can be seen, among other things, in the development of US series in recent years. The type of genre broadcast has changed there. A clear turn to author series is recognizable, more complex stories and darker facts tend to be the current type of series that was able to assert itself in the USA and also in this country, also against a critical audience. Even the highly cultural circles can find a lot of quality TV productions on the paid TV channels such as HBO, on which the current auteur cinema is currently oriented.
Consumption has been increased by the possibility of the new streaming services on the Internet, which has increased the general consumption hours that people spend watching series.

The viewer is increasingly challenged, as the more complex contexts of action are supposed to address him. The characters, who can no longer be stylized as good and bad, also appeal to a large number of different niche audiences. Many of these new series claim to understand the entire story in a multi-layered manner of interpretation, which is why zapping once in often does not work. In most cases it is still profitable for the production companies to include series of this type in the program and then to market them globally.

But German series still enjoy cult status among younger audiences. One of the best examples is the crime scene, which is regularly broadcast on ARD. This is constantly evolving as the production moves with the times, remains varied, and regularly impresses with new casts. This type of series production is particularly popular with younger audiences.

With regard to the general public, German series are still popular. Only among the target group of 14 to 29 year olds were US series primarily able to prevail. This breakdown shows that the market in this country is getting ready to change. Which is something very good.

But since, for example and above all, the German market offers the USA export opportunities, steady profits are certain for the production companies in the USA, even if some series flop. A good example for this case is the Dexter series, which became a classic in this country while it was only able to achieve small successes in the USA.
The development of a high-quality series is a lengthy project that takes place in several steps that make up the success of a really good series production.
The success of a really good series arises with most sentence pores already at the pitch of the first season, where an outline already arises in the head that can further develop in various subsequent seasons and mature into a success story.

Both the producers of the American serial giant HBO and producers such as Sky Deutschland have been active in the production of quality series such as “Californication” or “House of Cards” over the past few decades.

Popular series

Among the most discussed series these days whose pros, cons and intrinsic qualities are discussed in forums are above all “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead”. You can find all sorts of accessories for these series on the Internet, with the shops being the most creative fan Provide articles for the loyal fan communities. Especially around “The Walking Dead, a special kind of internet hype has flared up, ranging from the harmless slogan T-shirt to crossbow replicas of the audience's favorite Dary Dixon from the series.
The two series have meanwhile. To the Walking Dead, a revival series called “Fear the Walking Dead” was also shot in 2015, which deals with the outbreak of the virus that turned people into the undead parallel to the original series.

Major studios in Los Angeles unveil new pilot companies in May each year. In Germany, too, the US series that are bought by German producers mainly in framework agreements with films are more topical than ever.

Therefore, the pricing of a series is also very much based on the respective broadcast slot.
Primetime series are clearly more expensive than series produced for the day.

World of series

how do you get the latest hit series? Thanks to streaming portals such as Netflix and Sky Go, nobody has to resort to illegal downloads anymore. Subscriptions to these providers are currently available for as little as 10 euros a month. The range of the series included there varies a little from portal to portal, so you should weigh carefully before subscribing.
There the favorite series can then be enjoyed in the highest quality.

With various offers on the portals, the user options for users has increased quite a bit in the last 3 years. The offers of the streaming providers have been increased and the price-performance ratio has been improved. The new streaming platforms have an extensive range of blockbusters as well as one for series ready for their customers. Since the single access model for streaming has proven to be the more lucrative, most streaming providers offer top-class blockbusters and series for direct purchase or rental.

The online provider Maxdome, for example, offers a good range of series, with 24 series and 47 films on offer. At Videoland there is a slightly smaller range of series but a slightly larger range of films. The offer includes 24 series and 64 films. You can find further test details on different providers at
Streaming providers that offer a variety of series:

US series in the stream

before the US series are broadcast in this country, they celebrate awards in the USA. If you don't want to wait for the period, you can watch the series in the original English version. The series can be downloaded to the computer via the relevant US portals. For real fans of the series, the American series can be viewed on the video platform “” or “Sony Crackle”, for example.
The latest episodes of many series can be done online and accessed completely free of charge. Numerous media libraries from the major US broadcasters also provide the series highlights from American productions. Examples are NBC; CBS, Fox, ABC. However, users need American IP addresses to enjoy this benefit.

In the next few episodes you should be introduced to one of the best TV series of the last year. The year 2016 has been for both German and American fans and fans of the well-produced newfangled TV series.

Stranger Things

the eighties seem to offer an unprecedented level of inspirational influences.

The heavily mystified series Stranger Things tells the story of a small town in Indiana in which a boy disappears in 1993 while on his way home. His friends start looking. Within the series, the boy meets all sorts of strange people who gradually appear in the course of the story. Among other things, you will meet a crazy scientist and some sheriffs who are very fond of alcohol. In addition to an original atmosphere, which is characterized by Synthywave MUusik, the customer can marvel at a smoking Winona Ryder.

A unique tension and a classic nostalgic flair make the series a highlight of 2016. This is an homage to Stephen KIng and John Carpenter, the masters of horror. A really terrifying monster that is up to mischief in the small town completes the suspense of the series with various highlights that clearly enrich the genre.


the series begins with a game. A realistically recreated wild west was built within an amusement park in which horrific entry fees are charged from the owners. There the visitors can really let the inner animal out.
The people show themselves as wolves through lawlessness. But the viewer forgets that the people in the park are not real people, but humanoid robots. The only internal differences with the encroaching people who are in the park.
After they have been destroyed, repaired, reprogrammed and provided with updates, their artificial and even their emotional intelligence advances inexorably. And the point in time of the major system failure is of course only a matter of time.

The series is a production of the broadcaster HBO and was written based on the novel by Michael Crichton. The line between lo-fi and sci-fi is blurred here in a unique and fluid way. And in-depth questions captivate the audience as the series progresses in the interest of the viewer. Above all there is the big question, what is humanity now?

The series knows how to go far beyond the exhausted stereotype of the topic of the relationship between humans and computer creatures.
The series convinces the qualitative demands of the viewer with a high standard as well as an intellectually high level.
You absolutely want to follow the narrative in every perception loop and even watch the series several times in order to understand it as well as possible.
Not only the fact that real people came up with this story, but also the intellectual aspirations behind the series are calming and stimulating at the same time for the viewer.

The Crown

The British series The Crown is all about a fairytale story made for monarchs. She impresses with her enormous closeness to British current affairs and the people associated with them. The viewer gets to see an aging Winston Churchill, played by John Lithgow. Political friends as well as enemies would like to overthrow it. The young inexperienced Elizabeth II is supposed to take over the throne of her father Georg VI in the framework story. The characters are designed precisely and extremely detailed down to the last detail. There is also a brilliant set of equipment and, to match, grandiose illuminated locations. She tells of the life of the royal crown, which makes you want more. Game of Thrones is considered to be one of the most lavishly produced series in recent years. Her success is also one of the largest American series productions in the field of series in recent years.

game of Thrones

The series is considered a highlight in America because it set standards for the display of the human body. The voluptuous staged for exhibition intense and pronounced love games are an element that is often and gladly used in the series. The series is about human abysses. Money, power and intrigue are central to the series. Hypocrisy and defrauding are regularly recurring events and offer a welcome change in the fantasy genre that is otherwise often portrayed rather one-sided. It is hardly possible to differentiate between good and bad in terms of the people's motives for action. Everyone acts according to their own plan and thus gets their hands a little dirty.
An elaborate production and also great attention to detail make Game of Thrones an action-packed spectacle that presents the topic of the distribution of power between the royal houses in an exciting way. Among the fans, a strong following for the individual families has formed for the various royal houses. So every real fan has a family that they absolutely want to see wins or fail. Often this has to do with the characters of the respective clans who are fighting against each other for the dominant positions of power. The shrewd, short uncle Tyrion in particular has established himself as a favorite character with many fans. The arrogant but unscrupulous King Joffrey, played by Jack Gleeson, is also particularly popular.

House of Cards

Another particularly memorable series is the political classic House of Cards, which focuses on the actions of the American politician Francis J Underwood. He is an ambitious Democratic Congressman. The series focuses on him and his relationship to power. He owes a lot to the President of the USA, because without Frank he would not have held his position of power. The position of Foreign Minister was originally planned for Frank. After the oath of office, however, Senator Michael Kern was granted the coveted position of Walker. He is annoyed at that. He then decides with his wife Claire to get the new competitor out of the way, but will he succeed?