What would happen if Navy captured Luffy?

One piece

578 episodes so far, episodes 517-537

  • Shocking news. The Man Who Protected the Sunny ((Underwater Paradise Arc) A Shocking Revelation - The Man Who Protected the Sunny)

    The pirates set course for Fishman Island, while Franky tells them about Bartholomew Bear. Thanks to the samurai, the navy's straw hats were able to escape. When they discover a mysterious ship, the crew suspects something bad ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Attack in the deep sea. The Sea Demon Appears (Undersea Struggle, The Demon of the Deep Appears!)

    The straw hats have to deal with a pack of caribou pirates. But it gets worse: a giant octopus emerges from the depths of the sea and encloses one of the ships with its tentacles. Does that mean the sinking of the Sunny? (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Lost in the deep sea! Disaster in the Deep Sea, The Straw Hat Crew Gets Lost!

    After their fight with the octopus, the straw hats are threatened with the next calamity: their ship gets caught in a torrent from which there is no escape. In doing so, the crew loses sight of each other. Underwater they encounter a volcano and a sea monster ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Volcanic eruption in the deep sea! Arriving at the seabed (Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Sailing To Fishman Island)

    The straw hats are on the way to the Fishman Island when suddenly a ghost ship gets in their way - and that with an aggressive crew. However, the pirates receive undreamt-of support ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Landing on Fishman Island. Landing at Fishman Island - The Lovely Mermaids

    The straw hat gang has made it: They have reached their destination, the Fish Man Island. But the residents do not seem to be very friendly to them. When the friends try to gain access to the island, they are harshly rejected. Only Luffy seems to have aroused the interest of the fish people ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Explosion of excitement! Sanji in mortal danger! (Eruption of Excitement! Sanji’s Crisis of Life!)

    • Alternative title: Explosion of emotions! Sanji in mortal danger!

    Nami survived and has now landed on the other side of Fisherman Island. After Franky saved Robin, he wants to reunite with Nami. In the meantime, the royal ship also comes into port ... That means above all for Sanji: hide! (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • The destruction of the fish man island? Madame Shirley’s Prophecy (Fishman Island Collapses !? Shirley’s Prediction)

    While Sharley has a vision that predicts the alleged future of the entire island, it also becomes clear why King Neptune founded an army years ago with his son and who was actually responsible for the protection of the island in the past ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX )

  • The King of Fishman Island, Sea God Neptune!

    Out at sea, Gyro remembers the time he was attacked by the New Fishman pirates. He had to vow never to set foot on the Fish Man Island again ... Meanwhile, Nami allies again with Luffy, Camie, Pappagu, Lysopp and Brook. When the king of the island, Neptune, meets the pirates, he invites them to a banquet in the palace ... Is that a good idea? (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • The Ryugu Palace! Accompanied by the rescued shark (Ryugu Palace! Led By The Shark That Was Saved!)

    On the Fishman Island, Caribou uses his powers to chase Ishilly and the mermaids into a trap. Meanwhile, Fukaboshi realizes that Sharley had a vision in which Luffy would destroy the entire island. When the pirates arrive for the banquet in the palace, and Luffy is in the tower of the palace and not only finds food there, but also the princess of the house, everything becomes a little more complicated ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Scared rabbit and crybaby. The Mermaid Princess in the Kokaku Tower (The Timid Crybaby! The Mermaid Princess of the Hard Shell Tower!)

    • Alternative title: Memme and Crybaby. The mermaid princess in the Kokaku Tower

    Vander ceiling IX reveals his plan to marry the princess to the others. Meanwhile, Ryugu Palace has received numerous threats and security officials suspect that the island is about to be destroyed and the mermaids kidnapped ... Will anyone be able to get the princess to safety? (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Emergency situation. The Ryugu Palace is occupied (State of Emergency! Ryugu Palace Taken Over!)

    • Alternative title: State of emergency. The Ryugu Palace is occupied

    Zoro is preparing to take on Neptune, who is currently in captivity. Meanwhile, Shirahoshi is still not sure whether to leave her tower, and Luffy makes her cry more and more with his statements. While the others have already caught Neptune, Keimi and Pappug are shocked by the development of the plot ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Panic in the Ryugu Palace. The kidnapping of the princess (The Ryugu Palace Shakeup! Shirahoshi’s Abduction Incident!)

    Luffy accidentally kidnaps the mermaid princess. Meanwhile, there are numerous incidents around the Ryugu Palace, which seems to be of particular interest to pirates ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Hody attacks. The Beginning of the Plan for Revenge!

    • Alternative title: Hody attacks. The retaliation plan

    Luffy and Shirahoshi are on their way to the lake forest together when they spot Hody and Vanderdeck IX in the dark on their way to the palace. What are the two of them doing there? Meanwhile, Robin is waiting for the bus when suddenly numerous knights show up and ask her to come with them ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Decisive battle in the Ryugu Palace! Zorro vs. Hody (The Ryugu Palace Fight! Zoro vs. Hordy!)

    With the intention of continuing the will of Arlong, Hody Jones wanted to take power on the Fishman Island. Together with his gang he was in the Ryugu Palace and flooded the entire building to then fight Neptune's army. But Zorro and Yakkudori manage to fend off Hody for the time being ... (Text: ProSieben MAXX)

  • Protect Shirahoshi! Cover's pursuit! (Keep Shirahoshi Safe! Cover Close Behind!)

    Chooper tries to convince Sanji not to turn around as he will be dead after seeing Shirahoshi. After Sanji turns around and sees the princess, she turns to stone. While Luffy is still stuck, Vandereiling IX tries to force Shirahoshi to marry him. Suddenly a fight starts between Luffy and Vander ceiling IX ... Who can hold their own here? (Text: ProSieben MAXX)