How sport helps build nations

What can the industry do to make it more sustainable?

Richard Collier, CEO at Jack Wolfskin, also advises other brands not to tackle all goals at once, but to concentrate on selected ones first: “Find out which SDGs best suit your brand and only follow these meticulously. It is impossible to create all of them as a single brand - we should say goodbye to this idea. "

Collier recommends communicating the goals you have set yourself openly and not looking for perfection, especially at the beginning: “It is important that it starts at all. For example, start with part of one of your products, not the whole product. In the end, something good will come out of it. ”It could be worthwhile to think smaller sometimes:“ Maybe a simple solution is around the next corner. ”

Collier notes that working together is the be-all and end-all: “The key to everything is that we all pull together. We will not be able to achieve the goals if everyone works on their own. We are all in the same boat, we shouldn't forget that. ”There are plenty of opportunities for brands that are otherwise competitors to work together, Collier is certain:“ It starts with the supplier companies and ends with the cooperation with one another. For example, don't think it's bad to share ideas. On the contrary: Right now it is important that we exchange ideas, because we all benefit from this. "