What food is better than sex

10 foods that will make your sex twice as good

Table of Contents

  1. That's what our expert says
  2. olive oil
  3. Avocados
  4. nuts
  5. steak
  6. Eggs
  7. fish
  8. Oysters
  9. chili
  10. broccoli
  11. Blueberries

Which foods make you want more? We asked an expert about this.

That's what our expert says

The nutrition therapist and diabetes advisor supports patients in his practice in Fredenbeck in Lower Saxony to lead a healthier life. He also trains medical staff on nutritional issues, promotes company health and gives cooking courses.

"Eating can actually have an aphrodisiac effect. While no food guarantees action between the sheets, some ingredients, for example, stimulate the production of pleasure-enhancing hormones or blood circulation, which is good for the libido. Not just what you eat, too How you do it plays a role: After a romantic dinner for two, during which you enjoy lovingly prepared dishes with all your senses, nothing stands in the way of a hot night. "

  • Other recommended foods: Chilli, ginger, nutmeg, pomegranates, parsley, figs, oysters, truffles, vanilla, cocoa
  • Unfavorable foods: Licorice, french fries, beer, tonic water, schnitzel

1. Olive oil

For millennia, olive oil has been known as one of the healthiest foods around. Its antioxidant properties protect against diseases, its fatty acids are important for the development of a number of endogenous hormones - the olive has long been a symbol of power, purity and fertility. By the way: Olive oil has also been used as a lubricant since ancient times.

2. Avocados

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, the avocado has long been considered an aphrodisiac from nature. Already the word etymological origin of the word Avodao, the Ahteken word "ahuacatl" should have meant "testicles". Well then.

3. Nuts

There are now a number of studies that confirm the aphrodisiac effect of nuts: The many healthy fats, vitamins and fiber alone protect the blood vessels and stimulate the natural hormone production; some studies also recently reported that some types of nuts affect the sperm cells. Improve quality in men and thus contribute to fertility. Best of all: try it out.

4. Steak

Anyone who eats a juicy steak consumes exactly the portion of strength, protein and trace elements that are required for a hot night of love. It works, but not in the long term. A number of studies show that consuming around 300 grams of red meat a day is more likely to increase the risk of heart disease ...

5. Eggs

Eggs are better: They also contain exactly those trace elements, such as zinc, potassium and selenium, which can be useful for potency and which facilitate the play of sperm for those who have reproduction in mind.

6. Fish

Some fatty sea fish such as herring, tuna or salmon contain precisely those omega3 fatty acids that stimulate blood circulation and are therefore also counted as natural aphrodisiacs. That explains why the Mediterranean man has such a good reputation for this: it's his diet.

7. Oysters

Not for everyone, neither in terms of taste nor consistency. But somehow one suspects: Whoever eats the - living - oyster can do better, longer and more intensively. As I said: taste is a matter of the head and those who don't think so far can help themselves with the fact that the extra portion of zinc gets the sex hormones going well.

8. Chili

The chilli pepper is praised in many places as a "natural Viagra". And indeed: The Scharfmacher is a first-class circulatory stimulator. The happiness hormone endorphin is also released, blood circulation stimulated and ... Essential oils ensure that the lady has more fun and if she doesn't like chili, a little ginger helps.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables ever: Particularly rich in minerals such as zinc, potassium, calcium, iron and sodium, it stimulates natural hormone production and, on the other hand, helps with its secondary plant substances in the treatment of serious diseases such as, for example Prostate cancer.


10. Blueberries

A number of berry fruits, as some independent studies have found in recent years, have such large amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C, iron, magnesium and other cell-preserving protective substances that their effect protects the blood vessels to such an extent that that it can delay potential heart disease. The formation of calcium deposits can be prevented and in combination with an otherwise equally healthy lifestyle, the regular consumption of blueberries can enrich your love life in a positive way.