Where can I buy cheap vintage clothes

Vintage Fever: The Best Online Thrift Stores

Expensive designer clothes? Nobody can afford that! The solution is both simple and ingenious. Buying second-hand online is now more than just a hobby for many. Join us on a bargain hunt through our top 3 best second-hand shops online!

Nowadays, when you're out and about in fashion, you want to stand out from everyone else. But how do you even find the right clothes for your own individual style? The problem with traditional online fashion stores is, of course, that the pieces can be bought and worn by anyone. And so it often happens that you see someone in the same outfit. We have therefore focused on ordering second-hand online. The great thing: All pieces are unique and some of them are real vintage snappers from the past decades - exclusivity guaranteed. And at an unbeatable price.

Designer second hand: vite-envogue.de


Our absolute favorite among the second-hand shops that can be found online. We could spend hours on vite-envogue.de and still would not have seen everything. In this shop you will find really exclusive designer pieces for an unbeatable price - and so it quickly happened that we ordered there more often than our wallets would like. But what distinguishes the shop? We especially like the rather simple and minimalist design. You can choose between men, women and designers in the categories and get an incredible variety of products. However, you have to be quick (vite) to get your favorite pieces. All of the products on offer are guaranteed to be unique pieces from fashion history. Great right?

Our personal snapper from vite-envogue.de

You can pay with all common payment methods such as credit card, instant transfer and PayPal. We were particularly impressed by the fast shipping. In most cases, the parcel carrier with your favorite items will be in front of the door just two days after receipt of payment.

Used but valuable: ubup.com


Ubup.com describes itself as Germany's largest second-hand shop. And rightly so! At ubup.com you will find a huge selection of all types of clothing. Not only are designer pieces sold - no, you will also find beautiful and affordable pieces from all brands there. Ubup is part of momox GmbH, a re-commerce platform where you can turn used things into cash. The aim of ubup.com is to encourage people to buy more second-hand clothing and thus to act more sustainably. Many people throw away their old clothes or let them go to waste, which in the end is a huge consumption of resources. In 2015, 750,000 items of clothing sold saved around three billion liters of water and 200 tons of pesticides compared to buying a new one. Nice new clothes and a good knowledge - what more could you want?

What our editors could already get hold of at ubup.com

In the shop itself you can choose between women, men and children's clothing for boys and girls. A list of brands is also available, which makes searching very easy. We have already got hold of some nice pieces by Yves Saint Laurent and Kenzo there. Payment is made via PayPal or prepayment and there are no shipping costs. Thanks to 24-hour shipping, the goods find their way to you very quickly.

More luxury is not possible: vintageheirloom.com


In our UK shops we came across a very special shop: vintageheirloom.com. In this vintage shop you will find selected second-hand designer bags and jewelry. We all know that an original Chanel bag costs huge sums of money. Here you have the opportunity to get hold of an original product at a reduced price. It's well worth the investment as you will likely be able to use the bag for the rest of your life. There is also a trend that designer bags are a good investment and that you can still sell them later for a really high price.

Exclusive pieces from vintageheirloom.com

Although the shop only has a relatively small selection, it has incredibly beautiful pieces that you probably won't find anywhere else.

Tip: recognize counterfeit goods

There is nothing worse for a successful second-hand shopper than suddenly standing there with a replica. All of our certified shops sell original designer goods. But how do you recognize counterfeit designer goods without a Trusted Shops seal of approval? The founder of vintageheirloom.com has published a nice video in which she explains how to recognize the differences between original and copied using a Chanel flap bag.

As you can see - there is a great selection of second-hand online shops where you can get great clothes for little money. Above all, the aspect of sustainability makes second-hand shopping a special experience.

Our second hand favorites