How is it that most of the racist bigots are Republicans?

Why Donald Trump's tirades are dangerous to the public

Washington. About the repulsive and intellectually offensive attacks Donald Trumps there can be no two opinions against four congressmen of the democratic opposition.

Whoever denies properly elected representatives to be full members of American society, who they are hurtful and inflammatory Stigmatized as foreigners from “shithole states” and wants them out of the country (“if you don't like it here, you can go”) in order to get the approval of your electorate, you should be treated for therapy. But no longer in the White House.

Trump's breaking of taboos makes US society more fragile

That Trump beats the dignity of the office with the wrecking ball almost every day and everyone Breaking a taboo followed by an even shabbier one is now common property. Common good is deceptive. Because it contributes to dulling. To the collective shrug. That's how it is, dear. Can not do anything.

Not correct. Completly wrong. And dangerous. Because Trump's poison makes the cement that (still) holds America together increasingly brittle.

Trump attacks women who expose his politics

After the luckily never detonated letter bombs sent by an ardent Trump fan to a number of prominent representatives of the democratic establishment last year, we know that there are contemporaries who embody Trump's rhetoric of exclusion by means of violence are ready to continue.

Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, whose latently left-wing political offers can be argued about, were covered with disgust tweets and death threats even before Trump was hit. Because they look and talk differently. Mainly because of them the pathological macho power game in Washington with the help of strong following in the social networks again and again lead to absurdity.

Especially when it comes to a question about life and death, what is happening is meant American-Mexican border, the quartet has made a substantial contribution to exposing Trump's policy, which is based on isolation and xenophobia, for what it is and wants to be: ugly and inhumane.

Trump's tirades are public nonsense

Who now wants to rule out that stubborn left, women, foreigners and Islam haters, incited by the hacking Trump and his media hate preacher at Fox News & Co., do not go to extremes and turn their anger against “those there”, so to speak get indirectly approved by the top representative of America? After all, Trump says nothing less about women than that they hate America. They are de facto for him Traitors.

That is true public nonsensereminiscent of the unfortunate McCarthy days. But more silent mail to radical errands, who can easily get weapons in America, is not possible. This unprecedented brutalization of language cannot be overcome with begging appeals to decency and decency and reconciliation. Not in a landscape of political ruins, in which the Republican Party, with the exception of a few backbenchers, is cowardly going into the bushes.

Republicans are silent on Trump's racism

Instead of their president, his putrid racism meanwhile openly flaunted to drive into the parade unequivocally. Your silence, long since called permanent complicity with an intolerant zealot, is that tragedy behind the tragedy. If the Republicans don't come soon Show your backbone, they are going down with the “Bigot-in-Chief” (“Los Angeles Times”) after the upcoming filth campaign ahead of the 2020 presidential election. And rightly so.

Meanwhile, the serious grows Desire for a voice of reason, after a bridge builder who stifles the flames of racism and opposition so shamelessly created by Trump before it is perhaps too late. The "Washington Post" in its Tuesday edition seriously begs that Barack Obama should throw his rhetorical authority on the scales in order to contain the devastation of his successor. It has come to that.