What does Putain mean in French

putain (French)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

pu | tain, Plural: pu | tain
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [py.tɛ̃]
Word meaning / definition:
1) vulgar, derogatory: female person who offers and carries out sexual acts as a service for a fee
2) easy-going, feminine person
3) in the expression "putain de" + noun often denotes a person or thing that one curses or despises
4) in the expression "putain de" + adjective + noun meaning fairly / very (to increase a quality)
Origin of the term:
from old French put, turkeythat is in Latin putidus "Stinking", "lazy", "disgusting" is declining
1) prostituée, bagasse, grue, michetonneuse, nuiteuse, péripatéticienne, racoleuse, retapeuse, traînée
Application examples:
1) Il a passé la nuit avec une putain.
He has the night with one whore spent.
3) Mon Dieu, quand est-ce que cette putain de were you va s'arrêter?
My God, when will this one damn it War to be over?
4) Do as fait des putains de bons résultats!
singular putain, Plural putains


  • German: 1) vulgar, derogatory:hooker(Female), derogatory:whore(Female), damned

Part of speech: interjection

Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [py.tɛ̃]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Shit, damn it, crap!


Practical example sentences

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"Salut Robert De Niro, oui c’est à toi que je parle, espèce de putain de pleurnicheur.
Le Huffington Post, July 18, 2020

Puis on lit sur un message écrit de sa main: “Pour tous les potes qui ont souffert de ce putain de virus, pour tous les soignants, amitiés ».
Le JSL, July 09, 2020

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man: …(male); 4) as an exclamation of astonishment: eh ben dis donc, as an exclamation of annoyance: putain; 5) vassal (male) Greek (new): άντρας ...

Son of a bitch:… Esperanto: 1) putinfilac ^ o French: 1) fils de pute (male), fils de putain (male) Italian: 1) figlio di buona donna (male), figlio…

hooker:… English: 1) whore, tart, hooker Finnish: 1) huora French: 1) putain (female), pute (female), catin (female) Friulian:…

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