Why does Got7 have so many haters

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Many international fans are currently in a heated debate about cultural appropriation after seeing the new advertisement from Pepsi seen from China. The "problem" for some is that Jackson (GOT7) wears dreadlocks in advertising.

Many of the international fans want Jackson to apologize for wearing the dreadlocks. Jackson replied on Instagram with comments like: "LOL ... ..that is ridiculous"Or"I don't think that I'm the only one who wears dreadlocks and when people point their fingers at me, so be it…. haters will hate. I have respect and love for all races. But if you think the whole thing is disrespectful or mocking a race then I'm really sorry, but then you're on the wrong side. I made the decision because I fell in love with the culture. Regardless of whether it's the music, the people, the background or anything else, I respect it with all of my heart. It's a complete misunderstanding. "

However, there are also some who do not understand the excitement about Jackson's head of hair, as many other Kpop artists - e.g. Taeyang, Rain or Zico - and also non Kpop artists - e.g. Justin Bieber - have worn dreadlocks.