How will 2020 be better than 2019

20 things we can do better in 2019

At the end of each year, I take time to review the past year, to see and see what has really changed and where I can get better. Usually I first look to see whether my vision - that is, a big idea about where the path is going for me - is by and large the same or needs to be modified (I left out the reason why that makes sense at all).

And then comes the fine tuning: What will I do differently or better in the next year, what do I want to learn, where are my individual important points and where are they not?

In the process of that year, I realized that there are a lot of things that get on my nerves in today's world and I started making a list.

About what we should all be best left alone. Not just for the next year, but in general. You and me.

  1. Discussing things that we have absolutely no idea about.
  2. Don't let your cell phone out of your sight even though we're meeting up with friends or colleagues (or even customers ...). Why come together at all when we're stuck on cell phones anyway?
  3. Unnecessary meetings. Without an agenda or goal setting. Are a pure waste of time and we can quasi delete without replacement.
  4. Buy things that nobody needs anyway, with money, which may not be there, in the worst case, to impress people who don't care at all.
  5. Blaming other people for our mistakes or behavior.
  6. Not listening.
  7. Forgot to say thank you and please. Thanks. 😉
  8. Treat or ignore waitresses in the restaurant or at the cash register.
  9. Elevate celebrities or the boss to demigods. Are all just people
  10. "Super busy and no time" - have to glorify. Virtually EVERYONE I speak to first tells how much they have to do. Can be true. That we are secretly proud of it, however, is rather nonsensical. We are also who and important, without being permanently overloaded.
  11. Steal other people's ideas. Or things. Doesn't work at all.
  12. Judging people at the first meeting. Take the time to ask and listen. Sometimes the first impression fits - but often it doesn't. Because most of them are not trained to correctly interpret the signs of their intuition.
  13. Disposable to-go cup for coffee. There's just styrofoam in there ...
  14. Mobbing. Do it or say nothing when it happens around us. Extremely uncool - whether between young or older people.
  15. Have your cell phone next to your bed and check it first thing in the morning. The best way to ruin your day.
  16. Jump to conclusions without knowing any facts or intentions. Better to ask.
  17. Be rude.
  18. Speak to other people by their mouth. Brings nothing but discomfort.
  19. Don't ask if we don't know something. Asking is not a sign of weakness, but of integrity.
  20. No more adjusting and comparing. Makes life so much easier. And more relaxed.

If you still have no idea what your next year should look like or if you are somehow generally missing the direction, have a look here at the Personal Leadership Academy purely. That's exactly what January is about: How can we even find out in which direction we really want to march. Without the expectations of others or society. With precise instructions - it's amazing what can come out of it!

Have a great start in 2019!