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Thinkpad / NB´s - CAMPUS

In this category you will find Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks at the Lenovo Campus special price. These laptops are up to 30% cheaper thanks to the Lenovo Campus discount. These offers apply to everyone:

  • Schoolchildren, trainees, students, research assistants
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Institutions from the Teaching & Research Area and the public authority (Universities, Universities of applied sciences, Institutes, publicly active schools, Educational institutions and Research institutions)
to compare and to buy The various product lines of the Lenovo Campus ThinkPad series. Choose the notebook that suits your needs or configure yours Student laptop via our ThinkPad Laptop configurator and save up to 30% thanks to the Lenovo campusStudent discount.

The ThinkPads of the Campus X series

The ThinkPads of the Lenovo Campus X-series are characterized by their high robustness, so the notebooks of the X-series can withstand minor bumps and knocks without any problems. The notebooks of the X series are light, slim and have an outstanding battery life. This makes the notebooks of the ThinkPad X series the ideal companion for all those who want to use their device frequently on the go and expect a flexible and powerful notebook.

The ThinkPads of the Campus T series

The notebooks of the Lenovo Campus T series are the gold standard when it comes to business class devices and offer up to 24 hours of battery life (for models with PowerBridge technology). The T series stands for high performance, reliability and has a splash-proof keyboard, as well as excellent security functions that make this ThinkPad series unique. Furthermore, the ThinkPads of the T series have the WLAN Instant Resume mode, which maintains the WLAN connection even when the notebook is in standby mode. Look forward to a high-quality and robust notebook with an aluminum and magnesium-reinforced housing.


The ThinkPads of the Campus P series

The Lenovo ThinkPad Campus P series offers computing and graphics performance in the top range with innovative technologies. It offers the power of a workstation in a notebook and does even computationally intensive tasks with ease. Look forward to working with your GPU or CPU without any loss of performance thanks to the innovative two-fan thermal design.


The ThinkPads of the Campus ThinkBook series

With the Lenovo ThinkBook series you can look forward to a smart business notebook with a corrected style advantage. Get your work done in no time, smart - and with style. Stay up to date with security functions that protect your system and data in the background. There are also excellent entertainment features. Modern Standby wakes up your Thinkbook in less than half a second and lets you download e-mails and listen to music even in standby mode.


The ThinkPads of the Campus Yoga series

Save yourself the purchase of two devices thanks to the 2-in-1 (notebook & tablet) Campus Yoga series, not only for students. Because the ThinkPads of the Lenovo Yoga series can be flexibly adapted to any task thanks to the 360 ​​degree hinge. Look forward to these 2-in-1 notebooks and ultrabooks with innovative technology. Use the four different multi-modes: notebook, tablet, tent and stand.


The ThinkPads of the Campus L series

The ThinkPad Campus L series from Lenovo offers notebooks with first-class performance at low purchase prices for pupils, students, teachers, lecturers and much more. They are even more energy-efficient than their predecessor models, have improved audio quality, a high-resolution display and numerous connection interfaces. In addition, the robust and durable construction makes the notebooks of the Campus L series a long-term, sustainable and environmentally friendly investment thanks to partly recyclable materials.


The ThinkPads of the Campus E series

The new models in the Campus L series are now even more efficient, powerful and faster. They are perfect for multimedia beginners and students thanks to the internal Intel® HD or a dedicated NVIDIA® graphics card. The ThinkPad E series creates a perfect balance between functionality, utility, design and price. The E series models are perfect for office and internet applications on a desk. Enjoy the latest in security and productivity features on your L-Series ThinkPad.


The ThinkPads of the Campus Tablet series

The Lenovo Campus ThinkPads of the tablet series (MIIX) equipped with the Windows operating system have a detachable keyboard. They are perfect for a wide variety of tasks and are characterized by numerous entertainment functions and a long battery life. The models of the tablet series are perfect as a mobile and reliable companion. Save yourself the purchase of two devices (tablet and notebook) with the 2-in-1 device from Lenovo.



The ThinkPads of the Campus V series

With its simple yet well thought-out design, the Lenovo V Campus devices (various models) are ideal for your business. The configurable Ultrabay options provide the flexibility to meet your business needs. In addition, these laptops have the latest workmanship with a flexible dual storage system. This is how Lenovo V Series notebooks meet your business needs now and in the future.