Women like self-confident men

2. Men do not want a competitor in their partner

Successful at work, intelligent, tough and capable of multitasking? All well and good, yes Unfortunately, men see women who can manage their lives on their own and climb the career ladder as a clear competitor. Their ego feels scratched when they discover that the woman might deserve better - or get a promotion "faster". Because it is still instinctively anchored in them that they actually have to be the "breadwinners" of the family. Many men identify with this role so much that they are completely lost when it is suddenly "taken" from them.

3. Men are afraid of losing you

... once they get together with you. If you are an attractive, fun-loving, and confident woman, then you probably have no problem meeting new people. And the fact that another attractive man is there who is enthusiastic about you - and whom you suddenly find much more attractive than your actual partner, this danger is quite high. In order to bypass it and avoid the (ego) pain, men often do not even come into contact with self-confident women.

But: not all self-confidence is the same

It becomes clear to us: We need a man who is at least as self-confident as we are, and who doesn't even identify with these stereotypical symbols of masculinity. Someone who doesn't feel intimidated just because theoretically we don't need him (at least not financially dependent on him). But it is also worth taking a look behind the scenes. Because many women are only so successful and seemingly self-confident because a small inner child in them says: You have to show the world how strong you are, otherwise you are not good enough. In other words, the supposed self-confidence is a method to escape from the feeling of worthlessness. And men feel that. Because through this exertion and often also affection you appear aloof, maybe even arrogant. The solution: to drop your facade and turn your inside out.