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dies veneris ante diem XII Kalendas Iunias MMDCCLXXIV ab urbe condita
Venus day, the 12th day before the calendar of June, 2774th year after the city was founded

Country codes

Calls to Italy0039
Calls from Italy to Germany0049
Calls from Italy to Austria0043
Calls from Italy to Switzerland0041

Area code and leading zero

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland area codes start with a leading zero (e.g. Munich 089, Vienna 01 or Zurich 044). If you call one of these countries from abroad, the leading zero must be omitted after the corresponding country code (e.g. Munich: 0049-89-xxxxxx). At the same time, calls can be made within a city without an area code.

Not so in Italy, where the pre-selection system was abolished in 1988. The former area codes became an integral part of the phone number as a location identifier. So even if the location code 06 for Rome looks like an area code, it is not. It is an integral, unchangeable and indispensable part of the telephone number that must also be dialed when in Rome. Accordingly, the leading zero is not omitted when using the country code: So if you call Rome from abroad, you dial 0039-06xxxxx.

Attention: Cell phone prefixes do not have a leading zero in Italy (TIM numbers usually start with 33x); sometimes - especially in non-Italian sources - one finds such an incorrectly stated (i.e. about 033x). This zero has no place there; accordingly 0039-033x-xxxxx would not work.

Pay phone

Payphones in Italy usually only work with phone cards. These are - like tickets - available at kiosks and tobacco shops (recognizable by the omnipresent T-signs).

Online phone book

The "normal" phone book ("elenco telefonico") is called "Pagine Bianche" in Italy, meaning white pages; In addition, as in this country, there is also the "Pagine Gialle", the yellow pages. The latter is also available in a German version including a German business directory: You can search for "lady hairdresser", "lawyer" or "car rental".

Using the Germanized search fields on the right, you can search in the "normal" phone book - the Pagine Bianche. The results appear in Italian, but are pretty self-explanatory. The reverse search (left field) determines the name and address of a known telephone number, in the field on the right only the surname or company name must be entered, the other details are optional.

Cell phone: Italian prepaid cards?

If you are staying in Italy for a long time or are planning to make a lot of phone calls (or receive calls), buying an Italian prepaid card is quickly worthwhile. You get your own Italian telephone number, which you can use to be reached without roaming costs and to make calls to Germany more cheaply. It doesn't get any more expensive for those calling from Germany either: with an appropriate savings code, you can also make cheap calls to Italian cell phone networks. You don't enter into any kind of contract. TIM and Vodafone have the best network coverage, but wind has also caught up a lot in recent years. And in Rome you have no problems with network coverage anyway.

And one more note at the end: Nobody in Italy will understand "Handy": The "little telephone" is called either "telefonino" or "cellulare".