What can America learn from other countries

What we can learn from other countries in the Corona crisis

What we can learn from other countries in the Corona crisis

lower something - here: make sure that something is less

to proceed from something - here: believe something; expect something

get infected - get an illness from something or someone; to contract an illness (noun: the infection)

get off lightly - get out of a dangerous situation without major damage

Problem awareness (n., Singular only) - the fact that you know something is a problem

get through something well - Survive a difficult time without major damage

exemplary - very good; so good that something / someone is a role model for others

Measure, -n (f.) - something you do to achieve a goal

Virologist, -n / Virologist, -nen - a researcher working on infectious diseases

prevent something - make sure that something cannot happen (anymore)

targeted - so that something is carefully thought out; purposeful

can be transferred to something - here: also apply in another context

have something - to have something; to possess something

transparent - here: so that everyone can see and understand what is happening

consequent - here: strict; so that one does something without exception