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Nature sanskrit

Nature sanskrit - What does the German word nature mean in Sanskrit? There are various Sanskrit translations for the German word nature. This word is in Sanskrit Prakriti, one's own nature or the nature of the mind is also referred to as Swarupa, Shila. So German nature can be translated into Sanskrit with Prakriti.

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  • Prakriti प्रक् ṛ ति prakṛti f. Nature, origin, matter
  • Swarupa स्वरूप sva-rūpa n. Own form, nature, essential nature, temperament, constitution
  • Shila शील śīla character, nature, maturity, behavior, virtue
  • Prakriti, Sanskrit प्रकृति prakṛti, nature, originality, the primitive, basis, norm, factor, especially the factors of the place: ministers, subjects, etc. Prakriti is a feminine Sanskrit noun which can be translated into German as nature, originality, the primitive, basis , Norm, factor, esp. The factors of the place: ministers, subjects, etc.

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