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Bye Malayalam: How can you use the German word, the German expression bye translate into the Malayalam language, i.e. into Malabar? There are different possibilities for this. The German expression Tschüss can be translated into Malabar or into the Malayalam language with Vita. German bye, Malabar Vita, also written Vita.

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Different spellings for Malayalam Vita

The Malabar word Vita is written in the Malayalam script in the Indian state of Kerala. The Malayalam script has similarities with the Tamil script. Kerala is also referred to as Malabar in older books. In the 16th-18th In the 19th century, even Tamil Nadu and Kerala were jointly referred to as Malabar by Europeans. Today, Malabar only means the northern part of Kerala. The Malabar Coast is located between Cape Komorin and Mangalore. In 2015, Malayalam was spoken by over 30 million Keralese. Vita is written in the Malayalam script, in the Malabar script വിട. In the scientific IAST transliteration with diacritical marks one writes viṭa. So German Tschüss is in Malayalam, in Malabar, Vita, വിട, viṭa. There are different ways how one can write the Malayalam words in a simplified way in the Roman script common in Europe and America, even without diacritical marks. This Malabar expression can also be written [[Vita.

German bye - Malabar Vita

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Malayalam or Malabar is an Indian language. Yoga and Ayurveda, from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism all have their origins in India. Especially Kerala, where Malayalam is spoken, has produced many yogis and saints. Shankaracharya was born in Kerala, as was SwamiVishnu-devananda. Many people go to Kerala for Ayurveda cures or for beach vacations. Here you can watch a video on the topics of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, which doesn't have much to do with goodbye Malayalam, but can be interesting.

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The Malayalam term Dhbansabadais translated into German with bye.

Bye bye German - Malabar translation Vita.