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  • "Old fools are bigger fools than young ones." - François de La Rochefoucauld
  • "Better to be silent and appear to be a fool than to speak and remove all doubts." - Abraham Lincoln
  • "These are the wise who travel to the truth by error. Those who persist in error, these are the fools." - Friedrich Rückert, Gesammelte Gedichte, Vol. II (Erlangen 1836), p. 408
  • "The fool stumbles over the abyss into which the wise man literally falls." - Josef Victor von Scheffel, "Ekkehard"
  • "The Philosopher's Stone looks very similar to the Fool's Stone." - Joachim Ringelnatz
  • "The majority never has the right on their side. Never, I say! This is one of the social lies that a free, thinking man must rebel against. Who is the majority in any country? Are they the wise men or the fools "I believe we all agree that the fools are in a terrible, overwhelming majority all over the wide world." - Henrik Ibsen
  • "The fools prefer to speak of wisdom, the villains of virtue." - Paul Ernst, Imagined Conversations
  • "Three classes of fools: the men out of arrogance, the girls out of love, the women out of jealousy." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "Maxims and Reflections"
  • "An intelligent person is sometimes forced to get drunk in order to hang out with fools." - Ernest Hemingway
  • "Every fool does what he wants. // Well, all right! I'm silent." - Wilhelm Busch, Dideldum!
  • "A fool has lots of luck, // He who is clever rarely has a pig." -Wilhelm Busch, appearance and being
  • "There are many donkeys that do not carry sacks." - Christoph Lehmann, Florilegium Politicum, Political Flower Garden I
  • "Clever people are rarely brave. They are cautious and measured, so actually cowardly. Only fools have real courage." - Ferdinando Galiani
  • "I've always observed that to be successful in the world one has to seem foolish or be wise." - Charles de Montesquieu, "Pensées diverse"
  • "The gods have given every beast and every fool their weapons of defense." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, The Birds / Treufreund
  • "Better a fool and happy than a wise man and unhappy." - Horst Wolfram Geißler, the puppeteer
  • "Man, are the fools of understanding still, then you are a fool yourself." - Georg Büchner, "Woyzeck" / Marie
  • "Doing nothing is the wisdom of those who have seen the downfall of fools." - George Meredith
  • "Only fools despise lies." - William Saroyan, The Paris Comedy
  • "Exams are so hideous because the biggest fool can ask more than the smartest person can answer." - Charles Caleb Colton
  • "As long as the fragmentation of our fatherland prevails, as long as we are politically zero. We want to chase home where they came from, all the crazy, foreign customs and fashions, all the superfluous foreign words. We want to stop being the fools of foreigners and stick together a single, indivisible, strong, free German people. " - Friedrich Engels, appeal from 1840
  • "As soon as God creates a beautiful woman in Paris, the devil sends a fool in response who can endure her." - Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly, "Les diaboliques"
  • "Only fools and the wise are amazed at what is taken for granted." - Jean Giono
  • "If I were fool enough to still believe in happiness, I would seek it in habit." - François-René de Chateaubriand, The Spirit of Christianity
  • "What the rascals do not steal, the fools spoil." - Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, "Die Judenbuche", 1842
  • "He who lives without folly is not as wise as he thinks." - François de La Rochefoucauld
  • "How could fools get tired!" - Franz Kafka, "Children on the Landstrasse", 1913
  • "Better to know nothing than to half-know a lot! Better to be a fool on your own than to be a wise man at someone else's discretion!" - Friedrich Nietzsche, So Spoke Zarathustra
  • "Smart fools talk better" - Friedrich Nietzsche, So Spoke Zarathustra

Proverbs and vernacular

  • "Better to go to hell with the clever than to go to paradise with fools." - From Bulgaria
  • "No fool invented learning." - saying
  • "The fool does what he cannot avoid; the wise leaves what he cannot do." - From China
  • "A fool and his money are soon divorced." - From the USA
  • "Children often make fools of their parents." - Yiddish proverb
  • "If the parents are fools, the children become robbers." - Yiddish proverb
  • "When a fool goes to market, the shopkeepers are happy." - Yiddish proverb
  • "Anyone who asks is a fool for five minutes. Anyone who does not ask is a fool forever." - saying
  • "Whoever wants to be his own teacher has a fool for a student." - saying
  • "Two fools in one house are making a big noise." - From Belgium
  • "A fool can ask more than a thousand ways can answer." South German proverb.


  • "The fool's way is right in his eyes; but a wise man listens to good advice." - Proverbs 12:15
  • "The wise collect their knowledge, but the lips of fools quickly perish." - Proverbs 10:14
  • "He leads away the councils robbed and makes fools of the judges." - Job 12:17
  • "Save me from all my transgressions, do not make a fool of me!" - Psalm 39.8
  • "But don't get too daring and don't be a fool! Why do you want to die before time?" - Ecclesiastes 7:17

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