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What is android Google Android in a nutshell

Android dominates the smartphone and tablet world. But what exactly is Android and how does it work?

Android is an operating system that Google developed for touch-enabled mobile devices - primarily smartphones and tablets. More than two and a half billion smartphones run on Android, and hundreds of thousands are added every day. Android is now the undisputed market leader worldwide. In Germany, 80 percent of all new mobile devices are sold with Android preinstalled. Only in the US does Apple's iOS operating system for the iPhone have a higher market share than Android. All other systems such as Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian are far behind.

One of the main reasons for the growing success and the differentiator to Apple's iOS: Everyone can freely use the source code. Cell phone manufacturers do not have to pay license fees to Google and can optimally adapt the operating system to the hardware of their devices. Smartphones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG and many other manufacturers run predominantly or even exclusively with Google's operating system. This leads to a huge variety of models. Android smartphones are available in almost all price ranges and sizes

Little helpers: Android apps

As for the competing systems from Apple or Microsoft, there are numerous mini-applications, so-called apps, for Android. There are now over a million applications to choose from, from simple Sudoku games to navigation software to complex multimedia applications. Most apps are optimized for smartphones, but applications specially developed for large tablet displays are in the minority.

The quality of the apps varies greatly. Many are available free of charge, but even the prices for paid apps rarely exceed five euros. Nevertheless, they can be expensive: Game developers in particular are very successful in pursuing the principle of luring their customers with free offers so that they can cash in properly later via in-app purchases. In-app purchases are processed within the respective app; they relate to additional services only for this app, such as the dream car for a car racing game. Some of these purchases even go into the three-digit euro range.

If you register with Google for free, you can use the official Play Store install directly on his smartphone. You don't need a Google account for alternative app portals such as the Amazon app shop, AndroidPit or F-Droid.org.

What is Android?

An almost unlimited number of apps and the largest variety of smartphone models are strong arguments. Android proponents argue with the more flexible customizability than is the case with other systems. In addition to the app menu, there are usually several home screens on which the most important apps and widgets can be stored. Widgets are not just start icons for apps, but functional areas with integrated operating options.

In addition, Android is characterized by the tight integration of free Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps and Google Photos.

How do I get Android updates?

Android is constantly being developed. Google initially forwards its new Android versions to the device manufacturers and wireless service providers. The Android updates can only be obtained from them. In the settings menu of the smartphone you can check whether there are updates. Usually, the cell phone owner also receives a message.

Since the manufacturers first have to adapt each new Android version to their devices, the updates are not available for all smartphone and tablet PC models at the same time. Owners of older models often do not even benefit from the latest Android versions.

How safe is Android?

Like all internet-enabled devices, smartphones are susceptible to Trojans, viruses and other hacker attacks. Android is widespread, making it a worthwhile target for criminals. Google has been providing monthly security updates for Android since August 2015. However, they are only delivered immediately to Google's own devices. With all other manufacturers, they decide for themselves when to deliver the updates to the smartphones and tablets.

Since Google controls its own app store less meticulously than Apple and other app stores may not be monitored at all, apps can also be a source of malware. However, there is also antivirus software for Android for protection.

short version

What is android

  • Android is an operating system for smartphones and tablets from Google
  • It has a market share of more than 80 percent and is installed on smartphones from Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei and Motorola, for example
  • The operation of Android differs from manufacturer to manufacturer

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