How much can a BAMS teacher earn

Family minister demands: educators should earn as much as teachers

The new coalition agreement between the CDU and the SPD promises "more money for the expansion of the daycare center, relief for parents with fees and even exemption from fees" and an "increase in the quality of childcare". Specifically, this means that by 2021, 3.5 billion euros more will be made available for daycare centers and day care. “Daycare centers are educational institutions. And from my point of view, educators (...) deserve a payment similar to that of educators who work in elementary school, for example, ”said the new family minister to“ Bild am Sonntag ”in an interview.

In order to meet the need for skilled workers, "something has to change in terms of pay," said Giffey. Because the lack of educators is a consequence of the difficult and difficult to finance training path for educators. In the first two years they attend a technical school and they don't get any money for it. It is even the case that in some schools they have to pay money - a school fee to finance the education.

After all, it is about people who “lay the foundation for the future of our children and thus for the future of the Federal Republic”. Franziska Giffey also spoke out in favor of a training allowance for educators so that more young people choose the profession.

When asked how this requirement should be implemented, Giffey answers rather vaguely: When it comes to financing, “everyone is asked, federal and state”. It is her concern to enable all children - regardless of their background - a good start in life. They should all be able to celebrate success at school and finish an apprenticeship or study.

According to the Bild newspaper, an educator earns an average of 2600 euros gross. The net starting salaries for elementary school teachers are of this magnitude. Their payment, however, differs from state to state - nevertheless, a considerable difference. It is still uncertain whether and how this gap can be closed.