How can I get addicted to books

“Addicted to books” introduces itself

There are blogs as far as the eye can see on every imaginable topic. Tracking everyone is impossible. So we'd like to provide some guidance and introduce some dedicated bloggers and their blogs that are worth a look. Today's guest is Monika Schulze from Süchtig nach Buch, who mainly deals with books. She also likes to network with others on her Facebook page of the same name and on Twitter.

About me:
My name is Monika, I was born in 1983, currently 34 years old, and actually a teacher by profession, but especially on parental leave. I live in a small 10-house village in beautiful Lower Bavaria. Here I have enough peace to read and blog.

My blog:
My blog is my pride and joy. It's called "Addicted to Books," well because I guess I really am. I started blogging in February 2012 because I was simply looking for something where I could record my reading impressions. When I came across the first book blog on Facebook, it was clear to me: I want something like that too. Well, it's not as easy as it looks, especially if you're not that technically savvy. But with some help, I've got my blog so far that I can handle it. However, it is and remains a hobby, that is, I blog whenever I have time, and when that isn't the case - it's a bit difficult with babies at the moment - then there isn't that much to read. But there is no way I would give him up, I love him far too much for that now.

My focus:
My blog is all about books and reading. There are reviews, book tips, new publications and photos from my shelves or my bookmark collection. I am also happy to take part in campaigns by publishers or other bloggers, and at the moment I am working on an interview campaign for authors.

Personal note:
Anyone who knows me a little knows that I also have a big heart for self-publisher authors and their books. That's why there is also the hidden treasure campaign on my blog. I've already discovered so many great books and got to know lovely authors who deserve a lot more attention, and I'm working on them.

My favorite post:
Last year I was allowed to write an article on blogger and author contacts for Books on Demand. I worked on it for a long time and received a lot of feedback. I was also invited to a panel discussion on this topic at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair, which I was very proud of. Thank you again for this great opportunity, dear BoD team.

My blogosphere:
There are now so many book blogs that it's easy to lose track of things, but I got to know some very nice bloggers and I always enjoy working with them.

• Nadine with her blog Selection Books
• Tony tests with Ruby-Celtic
• Michèle from Elchi's World of Books & Crafts
• Melie von Bonnie‘s Buchemotion
• and of course Kristina von Inkmeer