How does breast milk help the baby

Why breast milk is so healthy

Right from the start, countless bacteria find their way into the newborn's intestines with the milk. According to a study, there should be around 700 different species. They create a good flora in the initially uninhabited intestine of an infant - where beneficial bacteria are already located, harmful bacteria have a harder time settling down.

So that the good bacteria in baby's intestines feel good, the milk also contains oligosaccharides. This fiber is the nourishment for the beneficial germs. In addition, the oligosaccharides attach themselves to the intestinal mucous wall and form a kind of protective film there, so that pathogens cannot adhere.

Are Breastfeeding Children Healthier?

The mixture of valuable substances in breast milk does not only seem to have a positive effect in infancy. Breast-fed children are less likely to develop inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease. If you chew your first bread - in small amounts - while you are still breastfeeding, your risk of developing celiac disease will decrease.

"Studies suggest that breastfed children have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, but we don't yet know why," says Przyrembel.

Donor milk banks for premature babies

It is not only the mother's milk that can develop positive power in babies. For example, premature babies are sometimes given donor milk. Studies have shown that premature babies tolerate this better than artificial food.

If the little ones are given the natural diet, they are less likely to develop life-threatening intestinal infections. One reason why new human milk banks are being set up at clinics in Germany. Because mothers of premature babies often do not have their own milk at first.

Medication during breastfeeding: ask a doctor

Hildegard Przyrembel agrees with experts around the world: Even taking medication is usually no reason to stop breastfeeding. Caution is advised as active ingredients can pass into breast milk. "But for most diseases there is a suitable preparation that breastfeeding women can take," said the specialist. You should always seek advice from a doctor.

With all the benefits of breast milk, the same applies: "If a woman cannot or does not want to breastfeed, that doesn't mean she is a bad mother," says Przyrembel. "There are excellent alternatives for these women and their children."