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35 inspirational quotes from Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk is a Canadian-American entrepreneur and investor who was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1971. Shortly before he came of age, Musk left the country of his birth and moved to the USA via Canada. He successfully completed his studies in physics and economics at the University of Pennsylvania there, but broke off his subsequent PhD program at the renowned Stanford University after just two days. Musk was motivated to do this, among other things, by the Internet boom that began in the mid-1990s; shortly afterwards he founded his first company.

Zip2 dealt with online city guides for newspapers and was acquired by Compaq in 1999. Musk received $ 22 million for his shares and used this to found X.com - an email payment service provider that soon merged with Confinity and established PayPal as the most important online payment system. In 2002 the service was acquired by eBay, which in turn brought in $ 165 million for Elon Musk.

His next investments ultimately turned out to be the ones that should make him known to the broader public: The space company SpaceX, founded in 2002, pursues the realization of Musk's dream of colonizing Mars, but is also a provider of the ISS and a leader in the field of Satellite launches. Tesla, on the other hand, focuses on the further development of electric vehicles. Musk joined the company in 2004 and acts as CEO and “Product Architect”.

Other companies with Musk participation specialize in artificial intelligence, the networking of brain and machine or so-called hyperloop tunnel connections, with which traffic is to be revolutionized. Elon Musk is valued for his innovative entrepreneurship and has earned a fortune that, according to Forbes Magazine, amounted to over $ 22 billion in 2019.

Quotes from Elon Musk

"Some people don't like change - but you have to receive it with open arms if the alternative is a disaster."

"If something is important enough, you implement it even when the odds are not in your favor."

“When Henry Ford made cheap and reliable cars, people wondered what was wrong with horses. He made a big bet that worked out perfectly. "

"Starting a business is like baking a cake: you need all the ingredients you need in exactly the right amount."

“Failure is an option. If certain things don't fail, you are not innovative enough. "

“Perseverance is very important. You shouldn't give up until you're really forced to. "

"It's okay to have all of your eggs in one basket, as long as you have control over what happens to the basket."

“You should pursue your passion. That'll make you happier than pretty much anything else. "

"You can either watch something happen or be part of it."

"I think ordinary people can choose to be extraordinary."

“There have to be reasons that make you get up in the morning and make you want to live. Why do you want to live Where is the point? What inspires you What do you love about the future? If the future doesn't include us living as a multiplanetary species among the stars, I would find that incredibly depressing. ”

“I make the mistake of weighting a person's talent more than their personality. It makes a difference whether your heart is in the right place or not. "

“Patience is a virtue that I am still learning. It's a tough lesson. "

"The best advice ever: think continuously about how you can improve things and question yourself."

“I'm interested in things that will have an impact on the future of the world. Wonderful new technology that you see and wonder if this really happened. "

“People work better when they know their goal and why it is being pursued. It is important that they look forward to going to work in the morning. "

“If you are entering an existing market against large and entrenched companies, your product or service must be much better than theirs. It's not enough to be a little better - if you look at it from the customer's point of view, you'll end up going for the familiar brand, unless there is a big difference. "

"The only thing that really makes sense is to seek greater collective education."

"Any product that only works with an instruction manual is defective."

“It is important that we spread life beyond the earth. For the first time in the planet's four billion year history, it is possible. That window could be open for a very long time, hopefully it is - but in case it is only open for a short time, we should take no chances and act now. "

“The value of beauty and inspiration is undervalued, no question about it. But I want to make it clear: I'm not trying to be anyone's savior. I'm just trying to think about the future without feeling sad. "

“Starting a company is not for everyone. I would say the top priority is a high pain threshold. "

“The United States is definitely way ahead when it comes to innovation culture. If you want to do great things, there is no better place than the US to do it. "

“It is very important that you like the people you work with. Otherwise your job will be pretty bleak. "

"Life is too short for long-term hostilities."

"We have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness and to ensure that it will continue to shine in the future."

"It is not a good idea to plan in advance to sell a company."

“I always invest my own money in the companies I start. I don't believe in just using other people's money. I don't think it's right to ask them about an investment if I'm not ready to do it myself. "

"I don't start businesses to get started, but to get things done."

“You have to be extra rigorous to do your thing as well as possible. Find every bug and fix it. Actively look for negative feedback, especially from friends. "

"A company is only as good as its employees and their passion for creating something."

"Physics offers a good framework for thinking: Break things down to their fundamental truth and work your way forward from there."

“You shouldn't do things differently just to make them different. You have to be better. "

“Don't tell yourself that something works when it doesn't. This is how you fixate on a bad solution. "

“The idea of ​​spending most of my time on the beach sounds absolutely terrible to me. I'd go nuts, use hard drugs, and be super bored. I like high intensity. "

Elon Musk is not only a remarkable personality because of his economic success - especially since the mere profit maximization is not the drive of his numerous efforts: The perfectionist entrepreneur burns for innovations that enrich people's lives and prepare them for a promising future; on this planet and beyond.

Musk likes to think off the beaten track, does not allow himself to be distracted from his vision by doubters and skeptics, and draws valuable lessons from setbacks instead of being discouraged by them. So it's no wonder that it is a real source of inspiration for ambitious founders, success-oriented entrepreneurs and other creative minds!