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The animals in Australia

In Australia, not only is the landscape fascinating, the animals in Australia are also unique. The red continent is home to many animal species that have made their home here over the past millennia. Australia offers perfect conditions for the way of life of many of the Australian animals. Due to the different climatic zones on the red continent, you can observe a wide variety of animals here. Here you can find out which are the most famous, cute and poisonous animals of Australia and where you can meet them.

The animals in Australia

The kangaroo - animals in Australia

Kangaroos are the well-known marsupials of the red continent and you can find them almost everywhere in Australia. Kangaroos come in many different sizes. From the giant kangaroos, which are almost 2 meters tall, to the wallabies, whose smallest representatives can grow to be 30 cm tall. You will rarely see kangaroos in cities. If you live near a golf course, you should definitely go to the course at dusk. Kangaroos especially come out at dusk! Because of the high risk of accidents, you shouldn't drive a car in the evenings and at night outside of the cities, if possible.

The koala - animals in Australia

The cute little pouch bears belong to Australia like the kangaroos. Koalas are mainly found where there are eucalyptus trees, because eucalyptus leaves are their main source of food. You can find koalas mainly in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. I myself have seen koalas in the wild mainly on Kangaroo Island - and not too close. Koalas sleep around 20 hours a day, so you will mostly only see them asleep.

The wombat

Another cute marsupial is the wombat. They are up to 1.20 m tall and can run up to 40 km / h. Wombats dig caves and spend more than half the day there. Wombats are nocturnal animals, which is why you will rarely see them during your stay in Australia. You have a good chance of spotting wombats in Wilsons Promontory National Park.

The quokka - the short-tailed kangaroo

The quokka is a small species of marsupial that lives in Australia mainly on Rottnest Island in Western Australia. These cute Australian animals reach a maximum size of 60 cm. They are threatened with extinction.

Bilby - rabbit-nosed whiskers

Bilbys are nasal sacs, native to Australia, and look like a mix of mice / rats and rabbits, with elongated snouts, long tails and rabbit ears.

The most dangerous animals in Australia

The Sydney funnel-web spider

The Sydney funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus) belongs to the genus Hexathelidae and lives in and around Sydney. A bite - unusually especially from a male - can be life-threatening for us humans. But since there is an antidote for the venom of the Sydney funnel-web spider, no more deaths have been reported for a long time ... lucky!

The Redback Spider - animals in Australia

The redback spider is a dangerous Australian spider. I had my first meeting very early on, hadn't taken it seriously because of its size, but my grandpa tore me away immediately.

Remember: it's not just big spiders that can be dangerous!

The Redback Spider is black with a red stripe on its back. The males are harmless, but the females of this species are more aggressive. The bite is not particularly painful, but the pain that follows is described as very severe. Symptoms of paralysis can occur, which can be fatal if they occur in the breathing area.

The Taipan

The taipan is a very venomous snake that lives in northern and eastern Australia. It belongs to the genus poisonous snakes. Their bite is usually not painful, but if left untreated, it usually leads to death due to blood clotting or respiratory failure. The Taipan is 70 centimeters to 2 meters long.

Eastern Brown Snake - Animals in Australia

The Eastern Brown Snake, also known as the Eastern Brown Snake, lives mainly near the coast of Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territories and South Australia. The brown poisonous snake is up to 1.5 meters long. The Eastern Brown Snake is next to the Taipan the most poisonous snake in Australia, its venom causes muscle paralysis, which if left untreated, usually leads to death.

The box jellyfish (sea wasp) - animals native to Australia

The box jellyfish, which is called box jellyfish in German, is found mainly in Western Australia and Queensland. There are many different species, of which the sea wasp is the most poisonous and dangerous. The body of the sea wasp is about the size of a soccer ball, its around 60 tentacles, in which the poison is stored, can even be up to 3 meters (!!) long. When I was in Broome, Western Australia, there was a box of jellyfish plague there. I doubt there were sea wasps there, but there were rows of people with "burns" coming out of the water who ran up to the local vinegar depot. If tentacles get stuck in the skin, you should first rinse them off with vinegar and then have them removed (by the doctor!).

The Blue Ring Octopus - the blue-ringed octopus

The blue-ringed octopus lives in the ocean and is one of the deadliest animals in Australia. They are very shy animals that actually only get to people by chance, e.g. at low tide. The poison is highly effective and quickly leads to respiratory arrest.

The Mouse Spider - Animals in Australia

The spiders dig holes in the grass and build their burrows there. You can find them in the normal Australian garden, in the bush and also in the woods. Mouse spiders can bite - the poison of the mouse spider is similar to that of the funnel-web spider. The crowd is not as focused and so they are not lethal, but still they can seriously injure you and you can lose limbs from the bite.

Stingray - stingray

The stingray lives in shallow, shallow waters and has a span of up to 1.5 meters. The tail has very sharp spines and some barbs from which the deadly poison can escape. A very prominent victim of such a stingray was the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irving, a well-known wildlife filmmaker. By the way, he or his family owns the Australia Zoo.

The great white shark - animals in Australia

Sharks are at home in the ocean around Australia. In particular, great white sharks, whose representatives can grow up to 6 meters tall, are very much feared. While surfing on the beaches of Southwest Australia, we were asked not to swim further out, as it can get "too sharky" here. Sharks are by nature not aggressive animals, but they should see the resemblance to sea turtles, especially in surfers, and just want to try them. The chance of being caught by a shark is generally small, but you should be a little more careful in Australia. There is the saying “Where there are dolphins, there are sharks!”. I'm not sure if it's true, but in Australia they say that to themselves.