What about the Puneri attitude

Networked lighting transforms Pune into a smart city

The project was implemented as a public private partnership and was the first of its kind in India. It is fully self-financing through savings in energy and maintenance costs made by LED technology. So neither the city treasury nor the citizens of Pune are financially burdened.


A total of 80,000 halogen lights were replaced by energy-saving LED lights that are completely managed remotely. They are networked with the Interact City System and the street lighting is monitored and controlled centrally in a control center.


The Interact City System enables those responsible to manage and dim lighting groups based on a control cabinet. The dimming commands are transmitted to the LED lights via the mains power supply. This overcomes all the disadvantages of conventional step-by-step dimming. Remote monitoring is also used to identify defective street lights. Malfunctions and errors are automatically sent to authorized mobile devices via SMS. In this way, those responsible can react quickly and minimize downtimes.


Pune residents are also able to provide feedback. You can pass on complaints about street lighting or lights that are not working properly via a mobile app or a toll-free number, which results in an immediate response in the control center.


The results of this ambitious project are convincing: the quality of the street lighting has been significantly improved, downtimes and energy requirements have been significantly reduced. And those responsible have an overview of the system's performance at all times, as they centrally monitor, control and manage the Interact City System.