Why does the TV show Supernatural end

"Supernatural" Season 15: Jensen Ackles would like this to end

For many fans it is already clear that the end of "Supernatural" is like the end of an era. The upcoming 15th season will also be the final season of the popular series. Leading actor Jensen Ackles has his first ideas of what he wants for the end.

The story of the Winchester brothers is drawing to a close. The supernatural drama series "Supernatural" with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki started fourteen years ago. The two faced monsters, demons and even gods. An ongoing battle against evil that has kept viewers watching TV for more than a decade. In March 2019, the sobering confirmation finally followed: "Supernatural" ends with the 15th season, which is expected to start this year. In a new interview, Jensen Ackles revealed that he only has one wish for the final episode: Dean and Sam Winchester have to be together when the curtain falls and the series ends.

The heart of the show

Ackles has no concrete plans for the conclusion of "Supernatural" yet, but he would like the finale to shift the focus to the most important element of the story: the Winchester brothers. "I think whatever it is, the brothers have to be together," he said in an interview with "E! News". "That was the gist of this show from the start. I think that's what the fans want to see. I think no matter who shows up, no matter what happens, it's about these two brothers and their journey." He describes Dean and Sam Winchester as "the heart of the show" and that is exactly what should be the focus of the series at the end of the series.

In Germany, "Supernatural" runs on Sky 1, among others.

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