Can I use Bahasa Malay in Quora


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Customer reviews

Naughty app

The app is pretty cheeky because they banned Danny for no apparent reason. Naughty bot.


I hope that a translation between the languages ​​will be available and I hope to be able to read the article without going to another page

Downhill ever since

App is poorly designed, content quality in free fall

Great tips


Top app
I enjoy Quora every day 👍🏻💪🏻

Cordless vacuum cleaner 2

The app sucks the battery out of my iPhone SE (old version) in no time at all, so I had to remove it again. Just read here that the bug has existed for 2 years and has not been fixed. Reported the error, but no reaction, only text module. The release notes also do not provide any information about which errors have been fixed. The app itself is not bad, the support is miserable, it's a shame - that's why it's only one star.

App is very slow in selecting requests

After asking the questions, the requests can only be selected very slowly and sporadically.

Get random messages

Just annoying, without registration

No empathy for people with bad sights

Leo HiYo
A Fintech company with large user base design an app that doesn't support adjusting font size. This is unacceptable.

Most annoying app I've experienced in a long time

Not only that about 99% of the questions are nonsense that you could google in a minute ... the way the app tries to be "personal" is annoying. "XYZ asked you to answer question ABC". I see. Can't recommend this app wholeheartedly.

Bypasses Apple data protection!

If you want to log in again with your Apple ID, you will be asked for your e-mail address in the next window. You have to enter it manually. But since Apple uses a pseudo e-mail address that I don't know, I would have to enter a real e-mail address in order to be registered. I just reported it in writing to Apple.

idk it should be updated

/ sue /
every time i’m trying to get into the app it shows the loading screen over and over again, even if my wifi is really good, like it lags a lot, idk if it made sense but the bugs should be fixed! bc i even tried to redownload the app but it still does the same thing.


I would like to have another page with all the subjects I am following.

Great app!

Hmmmmm what can I expect
I cannot understand the negative comments, this app has changed something, I noticed that I am very intellectual and feel more comfortable on the site like on Facebook. You learn a lot, read incredible stories, you read facts that give you light in the dark. Installation and registration in the app is recommended, you can answer questions yourself which places you get suggested exactly what you could previously select from 100 categories, everything you have always asked yourself is made clear to you.

The most beautiful corner of the internet

The most beautiful corner of the internet. You have to make that clear. I can only write positive things about this app.
However, I am missing one thing, and that is a dark mode :)! best regards


nickname given
Can you organize the suggestions that appear as a notification on my display separately in the app? Otherwise I will lose them and I can no longer read posts or the answers to them and have to look for them very often.
Otherwise a very helpful app. I am glad I got to know this app.

Such a pushy, penetrating concept

Really, first you should log in and then you should also download the app. You can't see any questions before that. Very bad

High quality app

I've never written an app review before, I take the time for Quora. High quality content, read countless posts every day. All subject areas are covered. If you want to acquire a lot of general knowledge, Quora is the right place for you! Very clear recommendation!

Great app but ...

Peal salmon
Whenever I want to scroll down I swipe left and then have to scroll all over again. Scrolling down is quite annoying and pretty low in message

Forced and Intrusive

Spearhead Evo
Since I can't check Quora quickly in the morning without being forcibly redirected to the App Store to download the app, (no matter if I already have it) I am removing the app and never downloading it again.
I suggest you do the same.

The best social media on the planet!

"" = # user
Is free to use, tolerant for beginners, friendly and has strict “be nice and respectful” policy.

Forced app usage

Forces users to log in. Forces users to use the app! All with non-removable auto-appearing overlays on the web page. Ridiculous!

Dark mode

Always read stories when I wake up. However, a dark mode would still be quite pleasant to go easy on the eyes!

App compulsion is annoying

From time to time I enjoy reading Quora, but after the second post you will be forced to install the app. It's really annoying and I definitely won't install it!

Oops? Why this rudeness?

Sissi Voss
I posted a harmless answer and suddenly see myself blocked .. because I completely unsuspectingly answered under my artist name (I am a sculptor), which I have been using for 40 years and under which I am also registered with Apple
How unfriendly ... would one point not have been enough?

Very annoying notifications

This app or website will notify you anything and everything by default. As soon as you search any topics. In the next few days your email inbox (not the inbox of Quora) will be filled with unnecessary notifications
Am sorry but this is not right.
Sure u can deactivate all the options but sadly I did once and still got notifications next day.
I have no idea why the developers try to push this. But for me this annoying notification function deserves one star

Good idea BUT two important functions are missing -

Michael Brestrich
Why is there no course? Of course, I just want to understand my hike through Quora and not be led back to "my" daily start page by the slightest mistake - I am not interested in it at all. I've been looking for my articles myself all my life and have nothing against unobtrusive suggestions.
And why can't you just - naturally expanded - write a whole article (question and the 1000 answers) in a PDF? I don't understand half of the programming effort.


Fully the anti cool duds 💦🍆🍑

Dark mode



Boarding school students
I love Quora but for a few months now my bookmarks are no longer displayed below no matter how often I add them again. Please help!

Log in

Login via keychain doesn't work.



No nght / dark mode

Since I usually read something on Quora at night or when I go to bed, Current app (with only white background) gives quite an eye strain. Due to this reason my usage of Quora is highly limited. Developers should seriously consider adding dark theme to the app.

Best app to become smart 😂

Emma Charlotte Watson
I recently downloaded this app bcs I normally use Quora at the Internet, and this version is much easier and comfortable to use. I don’t know how, but it answer all my questions, and with all I rly mean all, like even the questions I made myself while eating breakfast ... even I don’t ask for them! I think it's bcs it's so popular ppl ask many different things on it. However, thank u sooooo much Quora-owners for making such a good and helpful app, this means so much to me! tysm again 😂🔥🔥

Ineffective and prone to error

business schnitzel
The way the app trade links from the newsletter is very ineffective and error prone. In many cases there is some kind of error loading the answer selected in the newsletter and if it loads you have to click minimum of 3 times to see the content in full. I have already selected the content I want to see in the newsletter! But let me click on "continue reading", show full answer etc. multiple times is not the way to go. Also the Support does not answer at all.


Anil06 ?! '
I stopped using it because all questions are actually the same. In addition, I've tried several times to unsubscribe from the newsletter via the website and the app, but it doesn't work and I'm still being spammed with questions.


What nerve do they have to not let me use quora without downloading the app.

Needs 3D Touch and dark theme


New exciting questions every day, very well-made app!

Tim flower
I really enjoy using the app, and in between I read very interesting questions that I have always asked myself but have never answered. We recommend!


Quora is rather annoying than useful to me. Doesn't give the open to open links with external browser and hell, how can I undo a closed damn thread that I was reading?

Worse than the quora website

Does not load all content - only a few stories
Sometimes unintuitive to use
Its rare that an app is worse thsn using the website

Please add more languages

Imposible de copiar carpetas
Please add Arabic & other languages

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Actually a great app (version 6.0.4)
Unfortunately, the app on the iPad (latest IOS) drains the battery in no time. Normal discharge again after deinstallation.
Please contact the developer ........ Check the program code.
New evaluation gladly, in case of troubleshooting.

Don‘t want the app

Why do you want to force us to download the app ??? I hate this

I don’t want the app. I read quora on the browser

I read qoura on the browser. I like it better. But then an annoying pop up window covers the page and the only option is to install the app. I DON’T WANT THE APP!
If I wanted it, I would have installed it already. Don't force us to do something that we don't want to. Is this the free world or what? From my point of view, this action goes against what quora stands for. Freedom. Pleaseremove that annoying popup appearing on the browser. That is the last thing I care for when I am reading an answer.

currently make your problems

notification settings!
if I switch off / want to “email” and only activate “push” and select weekly / daily (frequency only applies to mail or also to push ???).
the settings jump after setting and exiting the menu item (which way to do this correctly and to save it is completely unclear marked with "X", swipe up / down, swipe back or back button - what a bull!), random apparently to switch again later or back without a rule. and I haven't received any pushes or emails since I personalized this for myself. tried. FIX THAT please quickly, in your favor! then full stars again. thnx! otherwise keep it up!
have iphone6, latest 12 os.

Only because downloaded of the annoying pop-ups

I do not read quora that often, and when I do, the website is sufficient enough. But recently, whenever I scroll down the site, a dialog box turns up, nagging me to download the app, which is btw impossible to turn off and let me continue reading a topic that will not show up on my feed again. IT IS FREAKING ANNOYING. You fail, quora, unless you respect my decision on WHETHER I DOWNLOAD THE APP OR NOT TO ACCESS THE SITE.


Quora is definitely something different here among the apps and every now and then always interesting! But is it possible that you can change the language?

Quora is good, unfortunately the app is a problem.

Lionel Hutz
Quora itself and even the functionality of the app are great, but what doesn't work is the power consumption. I don't know what the part does, but you can watch the battery gauge drop and the device gets hot. Aside from the fact that unnecessarily high power consumption is bad for any device, it is doubly bad for a mobile device. That is why the app can hardly be used if you are not sitting next to an electrical outlet.
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