Why Uber Taxis Don't Accept Cash

Pay cashless with FREE NOW

No cash? No problem!
With the FREE NOW app, you can not only pay for your journeys via the app if you have previously ordered via the app, but also when you simply get on at the airport or at the taxi stand.

This is how it works:
If you wave to a driver, get in directly at the airport or taxi stand, clarify with the driver before starting the journey whether he is registered as a driver with FREE NOW and you can pay with him via the FREE NOW app. Everything else is done by the driver. With QuickPay you don't have to worry about anything, your trip is automatically completed and the amount deducted from your account. Please note that you have to save a payment method for QuickPay. You can see how this works below.

Why pay with the FREE NOW app and not in cash?
We understand that you don't want to order a taxi if there are already some available at the taxi stand or at the airport. That's why you can simply get in with the FREE NOW app and let it take you to your destination, even if you don't have any cash at the moment. As usual, you will receive your receipt for the journey by email immediately after your journey

Set up payment via app:

Simply store your credit card, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay account in the app. On the start screen, tap on your profile picture, then on "Pay by app" and finally on the "blue +" and simply select the payment method that you want to use for paying by app.