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5 reasons why Bangalore is an attractive city to live in

India is one of the countries at the forefront of information technology and economy. These two sectors have a dominant position in our economy. There are several major cities in the country in this battle of progress. Two of the metropolises are currently Mumbai and Bangalore. Traveling to and from these two cities is a regular challenge for those in these industries. Often times, employees have to move from one business city to another.


If you are an entrepreneur from Mumbai to Bangalore. would like to move, you will find five attractive aspects of the most important IT center in India that will inspire you to move:

IT centers


Bangalore is undoubtedly the nation's IT hub. Not only is it home to some of the brightest minds in the country, but it attracts more foreign companies than any city in the nation. The city is therefore also called that Silicon Valley of India designated. Bangalore is the founding place of international corporations as well as hardware and software companies. The city has the Bagmane Technology Park, the International Tech Park and the Ecospace Business Park, among others.

Business hotels


The city attracts many business people, corporations and others and has some of the most extravagant business hotels to cater for all your needs. These hotels are located in the immediate vicinity of the technology parks or the airport. So if you are in town for a quick business meeting, this is your best option. The Oberoi Hotel, the Taj Residency and the Ritz-Carlton are just a few of the possibilities.

Real estate prices


Living in Bangalore is not only functional but also cost effective. For a large enough space, real estate prices are still very affordable and there are many options near the IT centers. In addition, you can reduce your travel costs.



This is one of the most attractive aspects of the city. Most of the people living in Mumbai complain about the changeable weather all the time. However, Bangalore is blessed with pleasant weather all year round. For those traveling from Mumbai, this city offers a breath of fresh air, with an average temperature of 25 - 28 ° C.



For all of the young people who are present in large numbers, the after-work scene is fascinating due to the many bars and clubs in the city. The great demand from the younger population keeps the prices in the restaurants and bars at a reasonable level. So if you want to distract yourself from your day-to-day work, you can visit one of the many bars such as: B. High Ultra Lounge, No Limmits, Skyye etc.

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