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"Game of Thrones": Season three, episode eight

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Episode blog 3x08. "Second Sons". Exciting! And nothing like drunk Lannisters.

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"Second Sons" spans a nice arc: new characters, new non-novel scenes, dark suspense and - finally! - a wedding!


The most important thing: the wedding! The 14-year-old (!) Bride SANSA STARK did not wear white, but green, and groom TYRION LANNISTER does everything to gain her trust. "I won't ever hurt you", he promises her before the wedding. The wedding itself has more of a funeral atmosphere and is less embarrassing than in the book (the cloak scene is much shorter). TYWIN LANNISTER admonishes his son "to perform", Cersei treats Loras Tyrell (apparently the wedding is not off the table yet) like a cretin and King JOFFREY lets Sansa know: "You'll soon have a Lannister baby. It doesn't matter which Lannister puts it into you ". Tyrion briefly threatens his nephew that he will soon need a "wooden cock" to make his wife happy, but has to row back again. It was all just a joke, he says. Pity!
On their wedding night, Tyrion defies his father's wishes: "I won't share your bed. Not until you want me to," he says. Sansa's reply is not very sensitive: "What if I never want you to?" But Tyrion's own fault is a bit. Maybe he shouldn't have told Sansa how he puked on a girl once in the nude to "get her - his words - in the mood". At least SHAE seems satisfied with the clean sheets.

CERSEI explains to her soon-to-be-daughter-in-law and maybe-soon-to-be-sister-in-law MARGAERY TYRELL what the soundtrack for the Lannister family is all about. The Reyns were once an ambitious family who wanted to prevail against the Lannisters - and were wiped out by Tywin. The two will not become friends. "If you ever call me sister again," says Cersei. "I'll have you strangled in your sleep."

DAENERYS TARGARYEN stands with her troops in front of the slave city of Yunkai, which is guarded by the eponymous army "Second Sons", led by three men. A handsome guy, a serious guy, and a lewd guy. A battle threatens, but it doesn't come to that: the pretty boy is chosen to sneak into her tent and kill her. But instead he puts the heads of the other two "Second Sons" bosses at her feet: "My sword is yours. My life is yours. My heart is yours." We have to remember his name: DAARIO NAHARIS.

ARYA has plans to murder THE HOUND Sandor Clegane, who vanish into thin air when he tells her of his intentions: He wants to take her to the Twins, where her uncle will get married, in order to release her from her brother Robb Stark and her mother Catelyn allow. He also tells her how he once saved her sister Sansa from rapists. Show-off!

The STANNIS BARATHEON storylines tend to be boring in my opinion, but not this week. MELISANDRE has returned with the bastard prince GENDRY and wants to sacrifice him like a lamb. Stannis gets psychological advice from the incarcerated DAVOS SEAWORTH (who used his imprisonment for education: he can now read) and together they postpone the sacrifice. Instead Melisandre seduces Genry ("Come fight death with me"), ties him up and draws blood from him with leeches (yes, also below the belt). Because "there is power in a King's blood." And which? Stannis throws the leeches into the fire, everyone stands for a usurper, a usurper: Robb Stark, Joffrey, Balon Greyjoy. But nothing more happens.

The gloom that Melisandre always talks about is already there for SAMWELL TARLY and GILLY. They find shelter on the way towards Wall and look for names for Gilly's baby. But the rest is short. First thousands of crows land on one of the sacred weirwood trees with the red leaves, then follows an undead: the White Walker that Samwell saw at the end of season two emerges from the dark forest. He breaks the Night Watch's brother's sword and heads for the baby. But the quick-witted Samwell pulls out the dragonglass he once found in the ice and stabs him in the shoulder - and the White Walker breaks as if he were made of ice.


  • Gendry in view of the naked Melisandre: "This doesn't seem very religious."
  • Daario Naharis: "I'm the simplest man you'll ever meet. I only do what I want to do."


A user drew my attention to the fact that I always refer to Robb's wife as Jeyne, but her name is Talisa. He's absolutely right, I mixed the book with the show. My apologies!


  • Drinking with the Lannisters is always an experience: Cersei becomes even more malicious (remember the "bunker conversations" with Sansa). This time she takes it out on Loras: "My father once said ..." he begins. But she cuts him off: "Nobody wants to know what your father once said". And Tyrion also shows its unreasonable sides.
  • The mercenary armies "Second Sons" and "Stromcrows", which Daario actually headed, were apparently made into one for the series.
  • Stannis proves his impressive visionary abilities: he has seen a battle in the snow, he says. For more than two seasons it has been said: "Winter is coming."
  • What does Balon Greyjoy do and why does Stannis call him Usurper? We only ever see the pitiful Theon ...
  • Is it just me that has this association, or does the priest who married Tyrion and Sansa actually have a resemblance to Elvis?

The NEXT EPISODE will not be shown until June 2nd, next week is Memorial Weekend in the USA.

Very nice: "The Rains of Castamere", sung by The National

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