How do I customize my jewelry

Miss Mister

My friend's motto in life is "More is more!". In his case, this applies, for example, to Leberkas, coffee or any form of electrical cable. The main thing is a lot.

While I'm not quite as keen on Leberkas as he is, there is one thing that I can never have enough of, even in my eyes. And these are rings (ok - there is no shortage of necklaces, bracelets, shoes or bags, but I think you understand what I'm getting at)! Whether big or small, thick or thin, monochrome or colorful, only one per finger or in a stack - rings (especially in combination with beautiful nails) are probably my personal favorite jewelry and especially in the last few weeks and months I have had a lot of cool ones discovered new brands, designs and station wagons.

On the one hand, there are brands like Wilhelmina Garcia or Aleyoléwhose range I would like to buy as a whole, or shops like July Child, where I not only find a lot of inspiration, but also lots of great pieces. And then of course there is also Instagram with its millions of great pictures of beautiful ring stacks, which you can easily save and thus provide yourself with inspiration over and over again.

The great thing about ring stacking: There are no rules! Whether you wear eight rings on one finger, one on each finger or only one per hand - ring stacking is probably the most beautiful form of jewelry layering, simply because you have 10 fingers, but unfortunately not 10 ears or necks, and thus every hand is a great playing surface to try out.

By the way, I got a great tip on the subject of jewelry layering from dear Dana von Wald Berlin and I keep thinking about it: “If it is too stressful for you to put together the perfect combination for your look every day or you simply don't have time for it, prepare yourself a nice stack per week that you can then wear every day. As soon as you are bored or you want to try something new, you simply combine again and put together a new stack for the next few days! "

Gold with gold always works, of course, but different metals can also be combined with one another. One trend that I really like is enamel. This makes it possible for rings not only to have a metallic shine or sparkle through rhinestones, but also come in all the colors of the rainbow - and you know how much I love rainbows!

One label that has made the enamelling of their jewelry a trademark is the Italian brand Bea Bongiasca. The pretty snake-shaped rings are available in every imaginable color and instantly enhance even the simplest jewelry layering. Yes, the good pieces aren't exactly cheap, but I've just ordered one and I'll be happy to let you know whether the investment is worth it!

Another reason I love rings so much, even more than earrings and necklaces, is because I can see them. Without a mirror, of course, I can't see my ears and my neck is also rather difficult to look at. On the other hand, I can look at my hands all day long and when I look at a successful ring stack I immediately get in a good mood! No joke - sometimes I just look at my hands while typing, eating or on the sofa and enjoy all the beautiful rings.

And before you call me crazy, I have found my favorite models from the shops here. If the sight of them doesn't bring you instant bliss, I don't know what to do ...

Rings, Rings, Rings: My favorites

ALEYOLÉ enamel and gold, around € 39 (available in many colors)

Gold-plated sterling silver by JANE KØNIG, around € 96

Gold-plated sterling silver by MARIA BLACK, around € 135

Freshwater pearls from IN CHAINS, around € 14

Gold-plated brass via JULY CHILD JEWELERY, around € 90

BEA BONGIASCA enamel and crystal, around € 460

Gilded silver and enamel by WILHELMINA GARCIA X JULY CHILD, around € 150

Gold-plated silver and zirconia from EVE’S JEWEL, around € 69 (available in many colors)

Gold-plated silver from WALD BERLIN, around € 249

Gold-plated silver from DAISY LONDON, around € 96

Gold-plated silver and sapphire from SIMUERO, around € 205

Gold-plated metal and resin beads from DIOR, around € 240

Gold-plated brass by NINA KASTENS, around € 229

ALEYOLÉ enamel and gold, around € 28 (available in different colors)

Gilded silver and enamel by WILHELMINA GARCIA, around € 145

Brass and glass from MONDO MONDO, around € 180

Gold-plated silver and zirconia from EVE’S JEWEL, around € 45

Gold-plated silver from MEJURI, around € 50

Freshwater pearls and acrylic from LA LUMA CHAINS, around € 18