What do you like about Adolf Hitler

"Choices" lyrics

Money Boy Lyrics


Have you ever snitched (Nope) Are you fucking a bitch? (Yup)
Are you broke (Nope) are you rich? (Yup)
Do you lick dicks? (Nope) are you freaking bricks? (Yup)
Are you gay? (Nope) are you cool? (Yup)
Do you eat porridge (Nope) are you fly? (Yup)
Do you fuck dudes (Nope) are you smooth? (Yup)
Are you gay? (Nope) Do you say "Ey!"? (Yup)
Do you like girls (Nope) Do you say "Burr!"? (Yup)
Do you like genetics? (Nope) Do you have Cocaine with you? (Yup)
Do you like boys? (Nope) Are you fucking with Royce? (Yup)
Do you fuck with kendrick? (Nope) Do you eat a sandwich? (Yup)
Do you like EstA? (Nope) His sister? (Yup)
"Hahaha, Money Boy, Glo Up Dinero Gang is the Army. Chiah chiah! My album Cash Flow coming real soon. Fuck the boy! Fly high or we will fly over you! Eagle Gang, burr!"

Broke? (Nope)
Rich? (Yup)
Humid? (Nope)
Cool? (Yup)
Broke? (Nope)
Rich? (Yup)
Humid? (Nope)
Cool? (Yup)

Are you lame (Nope) Do you have game? (Yup)
Are you a vegan (Nope) Are you fly like eagles? (Burr) (Yup)
Do you like nazis (Nope) do you like parties? (Yup)
Do you like hitler (Nope) do you like pizza? (Yup)
Adolf Hitler? (Nope) do you like liquor? (Yup)
Do you drink corn (Nope) Do you drink Sizzurp? (Yup)
Do you like Kurdo? (Nope) Porsche Turbo? (Yup)
DCVDNS? (Nope) K.I.Z? (Yup)
Do you like LeBron? (Nope) do you like Kobe? (Yup)
Do you like weekend (Nope) His granny? (Yup)
Karate Andi? (Nope) do you like money? (Yup)
Are you a homo (Nope) are you alive YOLO? (Yup)

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