How much does paragliding cost in Manali

Surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks in Himachal Pradesh, Manali, India is a popular tourist destination for Indians and adventurous foreign travelers.

Locals come to Manali for the fresh air and winter sports, while western travelers use the mountain town as a base for trekking and outdoor adventures.

Manali along the Beas River in the Kullu Valley at an elevation of 6,725 feet (2,050 meters).


Tourist buses and minibuses usually arrive in a private bus a lot about 200 meters south of Manali. Public buses come on the bus a lot in the middle of the city. You can easily walk north on the main street (Mall Road) into town or grab one of the waiting autorickshaws; Always agree to get a price inside!

The wide, busy strip through Central Manali is known as 'The Mall'. Although there are several grungier hotel options along the main drag and on back roads, Most travelers out of town prefer to stay either in Old Manali or across the river in Vashisht.

Old Manali

Many travelers escape hectic means of Manali by walking north of the Leg Burn Hill quietly Old Manali. The individual streak through Old Manali is dotted with plenty of budget and midrange overnight accommodations. Tourist-oriented restaurants serve Indian, Tibetan food, and many Western favorites; You will even find Mexican cuisine and sushi on some of the menus!

Old Manali is an excellent choice for the busy mall escape but staying within easy reach of the city. Walk north on Mall Road then continue north on Circuit House Road to the Steel Bridge. Cross the river and turn left; numerous signs suggest where they are going.

Tip: Consider checking out Drifter's Inn, an excellent place to eat, sleep, and hang out in Old Manali.


Slightly less accessible, but certainly fine on a budget, Vashisht lined up along the hill over the River Beas and highway opposite of Old Manali. Unfortunately you have to cross the bridge north of central Manali then walk north along the busy Naggar Highway to get there. You can turn right and continue on foot along Vashisht Street or take a small, steep path through a hillside community of Vashisht. Otherwise, an autorickshaw from Central Manali will cost Rs around. 100.

The mood in Vashisht is back, but laid out in a different way than Old Manali. Many backpackers on a tight budget head to Vashisht for the cheap accommodation and good views from the balconies and rooftops.

Things to Know About Manali

  • There are no ATMs in Old Manali or Vashisht however you can find two in Central Manali around the north end of the mall.
  • Many shops and restaurants in Manali close down around mid-October ; many of the owners are moving to Goa for the winter months.
  • An autorickshaw between Old Manali and Vashisht should cost between Rs. 100-120, securing a ride after dark is sometimes more difficult.
  • Although hashish and marijuana are smoked fairly openly, especially in Vashisht, both are still illegal.

Places to visit in Manali Attractions

Aside from the usual shops dotted around the city and a multiplex cinema, Manali is an epicenter in Himachal Pradesh for outdoor adventure sports. From rock climbing and multi-day hikes to paragliding and even zorbing, Manali is a place for adrenaline junkies. Numerous agencies around Vashisht and Old Manali can offer exciting activities.

Two hot springs, one in Vashisht and one in Kalath, are known for their mineral-rich waters purported to have health benefits. Skiing is available during the winter months in the Solang Valley, just eight miles north of Manali.

The weather in Manali

The weather in Manali varies greatly throughout the year. Even in October you will sweat in a t-shirt on sunny days and then shiver at night when the temperatures dip sharply. In summer it can bring temperatures around 80 degrees Celsius, but the mercury can drop well below freezing from October to April. Most pensions do not have central heating , but personal heaters can sometimes be rented for an additional fee.

How to get to Manali, India

Alternatively, take the 14 hour Volvo night bus from Delhi to Manali. Buses do not have an on-board toilet, but they make frequent stops; plan on the very bumpy, winding ride!

From Dharamsala to Manali: Volvo tourist bus from McLeod Ganj - home of the Dalai Lama - and Dharamsala leaves at 8:30 am each night and takes around nine hours; don't plan on getting a lot of sleep along the bumpy ride.

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