How do you define elegance

Style advice | What does it mean to be elegant?

The term elegance is always closely related to the dress and the appearance. It is a duty for a certain part of society, always elegant to look. If you only start from the word alone, it means to dress with a special style and taste and, best of all, to present your own design. It does not only refer to people and their clothing, because you can also express yourself elegantly or see something elegant in art, architecture, music and language.

In humans, elegance can easily be improved through style advice, in other areas it becomes more difficult to look elegant. A building can be specially designed, combining different materials such as metal, concrete and glass in a special shape in order to be seen as elegant. Another possibility is the artful processing of the facade to leave a great impression. Numerous villas in many cities and suburbs serve as an example. These are elaborately decorated with stucco and other materials and stand out.

In art, curved lines and round shapes are usually referred to as particularly elegant. Many corners and angular shapes do not seem coherent and stimulate the viewer to think too much. Flowing shapes are sleek and easy to look at.

The concept of elegance has changed a lot over the years. In the past, as now, a lot was determined as elegant by art and society. This in turn relates specifically to clothing, architecture, etc.

Being elegant in language was very important, especially in the past. The aristocracy wanted to separate itself verbally from the common people through an upscale, mostly exaggerated form of expression. Today one can equate an elegant language with a beautiful language style. The speaker uses rhetoric, stylistic means and fluent language to fascinate the listener.