Is Zurich worth a visit

6 interior stores that are worth a visit

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    Claudia Furger

Finding beautiful home accessories and furniture is no easy task. We have selected six interior stores that we can warmly recommend.

Many of us have days off these days. If you are not into skiing, you might feel like a little stroll through town to browse through selected shops.

1. Trouvaille Kids & Living in Bern

A short walk from the Zytglogos tower over the Kirchenfeldbrücke, and you are in the Kirchenfeld quarter with its stately townhouses. In one of these houses you will find the small and fine shop Trouvaille Kids & Living.

With great attention to detail, the owners Myriam and François Geelhaar show furniture and home accessories from well-known brands such as Rivière Maison, Lexington or Dash & Albert. The style of the two is elegant, reserved and with its light colors is reminiscent of a chic summer house in the Hamptons.

The romantic shop for kids is set up across the street. Here mums and dads can find cuddly mice, pillows or plaids. A pennant chain for on the wall, a light bunny for the bedside table or the baby bed with a playful canopy from Oliver Furniture.

2. Norkind in Zurich

Our tour continues to Zurich, more precisely to Zentralstrasse 131. Here two product designers have fulfilled a dream. It's Dorothée Beerli and Domenic Tschachtli, and the dream is called Norkind, a shop full of unique design pieces. With a lot of passion for quality, functionality and beautiful shapes, the two timeless collections of Nordic minimalist brands, but also pieces that they have designed themselves.

3. Dutch Living in Aarau

The likeable Dutchwoman Ellen Brandsma has set up her shop Dutch Living in a mega loft in the former armory. Not far from the train station, you will find a selected range of vintage furniture and accessories on 230 square meters. Most of the parts are unique pieces from Holland. But it also has handmade items from South Africa, old wooden vessels from India, brocante finds from France or one or the other piece from Asia.

4. infinitive, la boutique in Biel

In another corner of Switzerland, namely in Biel, you will find Claudia Bouchery's stylish boutique infinitive. The interior designer shows beautiful furniture from Gervasoni or Montana, fabrics and wallpapers from Designers Guild and colors from Painting the Past. If you want, Bouchery and her team can also create a furnishing concept for you.

5. Mooris, studio in Basel, Bern and Zurich

Mooris is mainly known as an online platform. Every day you can get hold of designer pieces from well-known labels in limited-time promotions. But if you want to touch the beautiful parts and want a 1: 1 consultation, it is best to stop by the studio in Basel at Bartenheimerstrasse 2, in Bern at Kleiner Muristalden 40 or in Zurich at Zurlindenstrasse 301. It is best to register in advance for personal, detailed advice.

6. Pan Mobili in Zurich

The same applies to the showroom of the young Zurich furniture label Pan Mobili. Registration is desired, not that one stands in front of closed doors. Their showroom is at Seestrasse 310, and the two owners Blanca Huss D´Ciofalo and Felix Krüttli show their filigree designs reduced to the bare essentials, such as their Kitanda bed frame, the Lasso wall lamp or the Kabati sideboard. Curious? Register and go.