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New online course: Covid-19 crisis communication for events

The Competence Center Event Safety Management of the Vienna Red Cross is now offering a second online course after the Covid 19 officer. "Covid-19 crisis communication for events" teaches in 7 modules how to properly communicate and deal with the media when a Covid-19 infection occurs.

In times of Covid-19, there are many requirements to be met, especially in the event sector. Be it a Covid-19 prevention concept, a special Covid-19 officer or other mechanisms that on the one hand should ensure that events can still be held and on the other hand help prevent the spread of the virus.

But what if it does happen, call the media, the health authority is ante portas? The sheer nightmare of every organizer is to produce a positive Covid-19 case or even a cluster despite all the regulations. Critical media inquiries, official investigations and a bad image in public drain your credibility.

That is why there is now a brand new course on crisis communication from Wiener Rotes Kreuz and siflux - Crowd Safety Management, who have already developed the tried and tested online course “Covid-19 Commissioner”.

Registration is possible on the website of the Competence Center for Event Safety Management.

Topics & questions

The new online course "Covid-19: Crisis Communication for Events" deals with the following questions:

  • What does communication mean anyway?
  • What challenges are you confronted with, especially in a crisis?
  • How do I deal with it?
  • Who speaks to whom and when?
  • And then how do you prepare for an interview?

The speaker is a specialist in crisis communication

As a lecturer, PhDr. Andreas Zenker MSc, MBA. In addition to his work as managing partner of a well-known PR agency, the experienced Red Cross operations officer has been a specialist in crisis communication for years.

While the course "Covid-19 representative" deals with preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of occurrence, it is now about the case that a Covid-19 (suspected) case occurs at an event and now, next to all the other measures, including the public relations work that has to be carried out.

This requires appropriate knowledge of basic methodologies, but also, for example, of the way journalists work. The online course conveys this and much more in seven modules. After completing the approximately two-hour course, there is, as usual, a certificate of attendance.

Contents of "Covid-19 crisis communication for events"

1. Basics

Module 1 covers the basic information on the subject of “What is a crisis”, what are its principles and what should I be prepared for as a communicator.

2. The way out of the crisis

In module 2, the lecturer introduces you to the role of the communicator himself. Which mechanisms are involved in communication? Why am I not always understood as I think I have said something?

3. Emergeny Exit

In the third module we deal with the details of what obstacles and favorable factors there are in the area of ​​communication and what role the communicator plays here.

4. Golden rules of crisis communication

In addition to the basic "Dos & Don’ts" of PR, Module 4 is primarily about the ten rules of crisis communication. What is especially now essential in order to achieve successful communication at all, which basic rules have to be adhered to in order to be credible.

5. Checklists

Preparation is one of the most essential points for crisis communication. Checklists, tips and tricks help you not to have to think about processes yourself in a crisis, but to be able to quickly access proven procedures.

6. Help, an interview! Basics

Complexity versus clarity - when you are in a crisis situation, it is essential to get an overview and also to prepare for interviews. Because now it is important to be perceived as a competent contact person and to convey clear messages.

7. Examples from practice

In the seventh and last module, the lecturer will introduce you to some possible scenarios that are conceivable in connection with Covid-19 at events.

Benefit for the participants

After completing the 7 modules of this online course:

  • you have an insight into the communication processes and the role of a communicator
  • know the rules of communication in a crisis
  • you know which checklists are important in crisis communication and how to react to interview requests
  • you will receive a confirmation of participation


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