What is the purpose of Zoho

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Zoho CRM is an on-demand CRM software for efficiently managing your customer relationships. The Zoho Office Suite was launched in 2005 by Zoho Corporation. It includes business, information management and productivity solutions as cloud-based SaaS applications (Software as a Service). Meanwhile there are about 30 online applications available, including customer relationship management (CRM), project management, web conferencing, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, notes, invoicing, chat, email and calendar. Zoho CRM in particular has done well established and is now one of the most popular applications.

Which CRM system do you need?

Cloud-based CRM software has proven to be extremely effective and is now the largest software market in the world. Companies use the easy-to-integrate solutions to expose the income sales and marketing and at the same time the Cut costs. Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Odoo are well-known CRM solutions. They contain functions for lead and contact management, opportunities, reporting and team management. Zoho is more affordable than Salesforce and Odoo and the ideal choice for them most small businesses, the one integrated, comprehensive solution need. Against this are Salesforce and Odoocomplex software tools which are particularly suitable for larger companies.

Zoho CRM for automating sales processes

It enables company-wide optimization Of your sales, marketing, support and inventory management functions in just one system. Whether it's multichannel marketing, sales productivity, analytics, product customization or third-party integration, Zoho CRM offers a variety of features that, although originally designed for SMBs, support both the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. With artificial intelligence and advanced automation features, Zoho CRM also helps you sell smarter, faster and better.

Sales activities are automated

The main benefit of Zoho CRM is that it has the Automated sales process. All data related to customers and prospects are in one place saved and quickly retrievable. The processes can be sent to the specific needs of your company be adjusted. With Zoho CRM you can also manage customer accounts, view the respective products, locations and status and the Your customers purchase history track for cross-sell or upsell opportunities. Likewise, you can accurately forecast sales, edit sales quotas Individual or team performance determine and create evaluations.

Mobile app for on the go

Zoho CRM has a special, dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS usersthat makes it possible to keep control of customers even when they are on the move. You can control their actions, access sales records or Invitations send directly from your mobile device.

Data is available in real time at Zoho

With Zoho CRM you can always see where your customer is in the sales cycle. The precise data can easily be called up, which means that you can look after each customer individually according to their requirements. You can also inactive leads identify with historical data and address them in a targeted manner, thereby realigning your communication and positioning. For example, the business card view gives you quick access to all of them relevant customer information in a window without scrolling or searching. The notes area shows the Time and content past conversations to a more personal and logical communication to enable. Through the Real time display smarter and more profitable decisions can be made

Maximum use of social media

Most companies can no longer do without marketing their products or services on social media platforms. This is why it is important to have a CRM system that can collect data from Facebook, Twitter & Co. can handle. Zoho's CRM tracks that Behavior of your followers and categorized them as Leads and Contactsso that you can connect with them. If you have social media profiles for individual Products or services Zoho CRM makes it easy to manage these profiles by placing them under a brand to be added. When integrating Zoho Social synchronized Zoho CRM your brand profiles and attitudes Real time. That means one enormous time savings and you can rely on more important jobs like that Closing deals, focus.

You decide what you need at Zoho

As part of the Zoho family of products, Zoho CRM can be used alone or in conjunction with other Zoho applications can be used. This gives small businesses in particular the opportunity to use all aspects of the daily business optimized to manage. You can individually choose which applications you need. The CRM software is affordable, easy to handle and requires not a complicated implementation. The solution can be found in other system environments integrate.

Zoho ERP or external connection to increase efficiency

About the API interface Integration with ERP systems is possible, with Zoho also offering its own solution. You get by syncing with Inventory, order management and financial data a precise insight into the performance of your company. From the insight into customers, offers, sales orders and invoices to the product inventory, Work orders and process automation Zoho ERP gives you a more efficient way of working and a faster growth.

Flexible pricing as required

There is one for sole proprietorship free version by Zoho CRM. It contains the main functions and mobile applications for up to three users.

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