Why did Drake hide his child

Drake confirms: he has a child with porn actress Sophie Burssaux

With the release of his new album, rapper Drake confirms the rumors that he has a son - and explains why he kept his paternity a secret

Rumors kept circulating that Drake, 31, was the father of a "secret son". In his new album "Scorpion", the 31-year-old now raps about his fatherhood and makes it clear: He has a young son.

That is why Drake kept his paternity a secret

The rapper is now finally clearing up the rumors that his rapper colleague Pusha T, 41, had previously started: He should be the father of a son and pay maintenance to him. Now he raps about his "secret child" in two songs in the new album. In his song "Emotionless" it says:"I did not hide my child from the world. I hid the world from my child." The mother of his child, Sophie Burssaux, 29, aka Rosée Divine, is said to have met the "Nice for What" singer in 2017 during a stay in Amsterdam. A few months later, his son saw the light of day. In the last song of his album "March 14", Drage confirms that his child was born on October 11, 2017.

Rap colleague Pusha T started the rumors

His rap colleague Pusha T, with whom Drake has been enemies for years, had sung about the secret child on his new album in early May 2018 and revealed the mother's identity. "You're hiding a child, let the boy come home," says one of the musician's tracks. Drake never commented on the "secret son" - until now!