What is an SSLC Certificate

SSL certificate

There are several ways how you can get Encrypt data transfers can. Classically, you need a key to encrypt something and the exact same key to make the message readable again. However, this method does not make sense on the Internet, because users there often contact people or organizations with whom they have never communicated outside of the Internet. There is consequently no possibility of handing over a key without first sending it unencrypted via the publicly accessible medium. Therefore, SSL certificates use a different method.

At a Public key infrastructure you don't just create one key, but two instead: one completely public and one private. A message is encrypted with the public key - the Public key - and can only do this with the Private key decipher it again. It is then the public key that the browser receives via the certificate and uses for encryption. There are different methods of coding the information. In this regard, too, the web server provides the browser with the necessary information via the certificate.

For example, a commonly used method of coding at present is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with the cryptological hash function SHA256. Since both criminals and crypto experts are constantly busy tracking down the weak points of encryption mechanisms, the standards change regularly. A method that was still considered infallible last year can be cracked tomorrow and will henceforth be considered unsafe.