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The 7 moods are highly contagious - and positive!

Anyone who has ever worked with an annoying colleague or knows someone who is really exhausting knows very well how other people can influence their own mood. One thoughtless word and someone else's day is ruined. Fortunately, this also works the other way around and so it is up to you what mood you create. Everyone wants to have these seven positive moods in their environment - and can take care of them by setting a good example ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

7 positive moods: Warning, risk of contagion!

Your own behavior and attitudes often have a much greater impact on the environment than we are aware of. Most people have a very good sense of what is going on in their fellow human beings, they perceive these emotions and often reflect them themselves. This works with positive as well as negative moods. In other words: You yourself can have a great influence on the atmosphere in your environment. For one thing, you can surround yourself with positive people to get infected by their mood. In addition, you can set a good example yourself and spray the positive moods that you want around you - and thus encourage your fellow human beings to do so.

We show 7 positive moods that are particularly contagious and that you can pass on to those around you.


“As you call into the forest, it echoes.” - The proverb is not only popular in the vernacular, but also proves to be true time and again when dealing with other people. Anyone who is dealing with a friendly and polite conversation partner immediately feels better and also shows himself from his most polite side. Even small things in the form of good manners can be enough. A simple request or thank you seldom goes unnoticed and shows the other that we appreciate them. In this way you leave a good impression and you will notice that politeness will spread in your environment.

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Far too seldom do we tell our fellow human beings what we are grateful for. The colleague who did a job for us so that we didn't have to work overtime or the good friend who took the time so that we could talk to him about problems. There are many reasons for gratitude. A thank you can be a grand gesture. It demonstrates that we know what someone has done for us - and at the same time encourages others to ask themselves what they are grateful for in turn.

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Anyone who only ever sees the problems and difficulties, declares tasks impossible before he has even started them and basically talks everything badly, will also come across similar views in his environment. On the other hand, optimism can also be contagious. To be motivated to face new tasks, to see opportunities instead of risks and to believe in success leads to others following their own example.

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It's easy to never look each other in the eye again after an argument and to be resentful forever. However, the whole thing has nothing to do with a positive mood. Yes, it is difficult to forgive someone, but it also shows strength and teaches you something from the situation. Forgiving also means taking the first step and showing others that it is possible to forgive someone without their own ego suffering.

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You have to earn respect - that's what they say. And of course you can improve your reputation through commitment and good performance, but you should still not treat anyone disrespectfully. If you show the same respect for everyone, everyone will treat you with respect too. It doesn't matter how you relate to one another. It has no effect if you treat the boss with respect, because he has the upper hand, while you consider yourself to be something better towards your colleagues.

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This point is not just about being generous with money. Yes, behavior like this can also be contagious and perhaps encourage your table neighbors to tip better too. But you can also be generous with your own time or willingness to help. Instead of stalling a friend for stress, take the time to really listen or offer your help when the opportunity presents itself. Small gesture, big effect, because the other person will feel better and in the best case will imitate you.

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Anyone who has ever heard a really contagious laugh can understand how contagious fun can be for other people. A hearty laugh is often enough to put a smile on other people's faces, even if they don't even know the reason for the laugh. So fun not only makes us happy, but also everyone around us. The best part: It doesn't matter if there is a specific cause for the laughter. Even laughing for no reason creates a good mood and is no less contagious. So just start laughing at the next opportunity.

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