Is advertising for children ethical

Children and Advertising - The Ethics of Advertising

Student thesis from 2011 in the business administration department - business ethics, business ethics, grade: 1.3, Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach (former vocational academy Thürigen in Gera), language: German, abstract: business and marketing experts have long been the target group of the youngest consumers recognized by our society. For advertising experts, new media such as the Internet open up completely new approaches to reaching a young target group individually, purposefully and quickly. In addition to using the Internet, watching TV is still one of the most common leisure activities among children. According to the 2010 KIM study, which carried out basic research on the use of media in children between the ages of six and thirteen, it emerged that a television set and cell phone are available in almost all households. (see Fig. 1) Where are the limits? Has advertising lost its ethics? How should children learn to develop values ​​and norms when they are once again exposed to the temptation of sweets at the supermarket checkouts? I would like to try to answer and discuss these questions in my work. And who is to blame? Is it the companies, the advertising agencies or even the families who do not control the media consumption of their children? Or are the concerns in public discussions of our society with the call for a ban on advertising for children unfounded? My elaboration asks this question and explores where possible approaches to sensitization of the topic lie.

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