How are pastors selected?

Select training courses in 2009

The 2009 annual program of the Pastoral College has been published. It contains 75 offers for weekly colleges and two day seminars in Wuppertal, Altenkirchen, St. Thomas / Eifel, Rengsdorf, on Spiekeroog and on the Ebernburg.

Pastor Heiner Süselbeck is the rector of the pastoral college.

A college with Professor Dr. Oswald Bayer ("Preaching the Word") took place. The college with Professor Dr. Asked about Manfred Josuttis ("Forgiveness") in Wuppertal.

Ecumenical meetings are planned in Geneva, Budapest, Florence, Pasym (Poland), Doorn (NL) and Jerusalem, among others. The booklet “Further training program 2009 for pastors, community missionaries” is distributed by the church districts and the regional church office. And: It is available on the Internet.

In the foreword of the booklet, the President of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland (EKiR), Nikolaus Schneider, advertises participation in further training: "Please choose the courses for 2009 whose offers you address."

Further information: Pastoralkolleg in Wuppertal, phone 0202/28 20 201, department I of the regional church office, phone 0211 4562 262.
 / 09/24/2008

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