What is malignant glaucoma

Malignant glaucoma, ciliolenticular block, ciliovitreal block

Glaucoma, ocular hypertension, glaucoma -> primary pupillary block angle-closing glaucoma (bilateral, asymmetrical), angle-closure glaucoma, secondary malignant glaucoma

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Bimatoprost 0.3 mg / ml + timolol 5 mg / ml eye drops in a single-dose container (unpreserved)
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SmartTonoTracker (R) for glaucoma patients

TÜV-tested digital storage system for eye pressure values,
Ophthalmologically monitored by the Tele-Ophthalmological Institute Erlangen (headed by Prof. Dr. Georg Michelson)
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Ophthalmological diagnosis tasks in the home office

Ophthalmological assessment of anterior segment and fundus images from the home office
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Monoprost, the first unpreserved latanoprost

Thea's Monoprost is stable at 25 ° C and has the same effectiveness as the reference prostaglandin latanoprost.
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