How to remove hypoallergenic eye makeup

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    Looking for dry eyes, hypoallergenic cosmetics and eye care

    I currently have problems with my eyes because of the dry heating air and an allergy to house dust mites. I received drops and gel from the doctor as therapy.

    My lower eyelids are burning very uncomfortably and I would seek a soothing, moisturizing, protective eye cream for very sensitive skin.
    Can you recommend something to me? At the moment I am taking Toleriane eye care from La Roche Posay, but it doesn't do that much, maybe I should use it more often a day ...

    I have already left out my eye make-up and I am considering whether I shouldn't switch to hypoallergenic or medical eye make-up after the acute condition.
    Possibly also hypoallergenic make-up remover that does not irritate the eyes and soothes a lot? Although I don't have the feeling that my current eye make-up remover from "Bi Good Water Lily" irritates the eyes.

    Do you have good experiences with hypoallergenic cosmetics and hypoallergenic eye make-up removers?
    Can you recommend a brand to me?

    How do you do it if you are allergic, do you not use make-up at all or how do you keep it with eye make-up?


    lg, Yasmin

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    It always annoys me in the eye. I take La Roche Posay Toleriane urltra eye care and tolerate it very well. Alternatively, maybe the Bepanthen eye ointment? Of course, this only works in the evening, not in combination with make-up.

    Basically I have made the experience that it is not the hypoallergenic care but I do not tolerate fragrances, for example on the eyes. Ultimately, I think you can only test it yourself. I can't take every concealer, for example. But also don't know exactly why. What I can recommend is the Lash Power Mascara from Clinique. You don't need any special make-up removal, just warm water to remove make-up. That helped me a lot. Even if the eyes should water in between, nothing will smear.

    Get well!
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    Hello Yasmin,

    could it also be an inflammation of the eyelid (blepharitis)? Then I recommend Blepha-Cura. Costs 11.95 in the apo. Is a liquid that is used to rub the eyelids. Relaxed. Look at google.
    As a mild eye cream, I can recommend Weleda pomegranate eye cream. I like it. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you whether it is recommended for allergy sufferers.

    "Hypoallergenic" is unfortunately not everything that is called that. The best thing is to just leave your eye-MU off and see if it gets better. LRP is also not tolerated by everyone.

    Get well!

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    I think the CeraVe eye cream is quite good for such purposes

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    My recommendation for eye makeup remover:
    La Roche Posay Respectissime, the 2 phase AMUE.

    I haven't taken anything else since I had an allergic reaction to Nivea.
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