How much is a couple

When to write “couple” and when to write “couple”

A tricky pair of words is the word "Paar" or "Paar". Once capitalized and once written in lower case, it always meant something different. People like to get confused when writing. But how do you recognize whether you write a couple in small or large letters?

A pair (capitalized) is always two. Two things that are the same or belong together. Like a pair of gloves, a pair of stockings, a (married) couple, a pair of earrings.

A “couple” (lower case), on the other hand, are several. How many is not entirely clear, but there are more than two.

So when you buy a pair of shoes, you are actually buying exactly two shoes, a left and a right. A couple that belongs together. But if you buy “a pair of shoes”, you have bought several pairs of shoes.

A pair of pants or a pair of pants?

The difference between “a pair of pants” and “a pair of pants” is also interesting. A pair of pants is a (!) Pair of pants. However, since a pair of pants consists of two identical legs, it is referred to as a pair. Where does that come from? In the past, trousers consisted of two unconnected "leggings" that were attached to the belt. Just a pair of leg warmers.

So if you are buying a pair of pants, then you've bought a pair of pants. But if you have bought a pair of trousers, then you have fallen into the buying frenzy and leave the store with several trousers in the bag.

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