Why do we thank

Why saying thank you is important

The word thank you is a social lubricant. It does not cost us anything and can have a lot of positive effects for coexistence with others. By saying thank you, we recognize each other's achievement. We convey to him that we do not take his commitment for granted. So thank you expresses respect for the other. Thanking you is especially important in a partnership and in love.

For the recipient, the word thank you makes them feel that they are being taken seriously. He learns that we are honoring his efforts. The balance between give and take is preserved.

However, there are also people who cannot accept a thank you or a compliment. For them the attention is rather uncomfortable.

For us, thanking us also has positive effects. For example, we make ourselves aware that there are other people who support us. We feel joy and happiness that others treat us well. Other people like to be around because they feel valued by us. Of course, thank you shouldn't be a polite phrase or a means of manipulating others.

If we are one of those people who have previously been rather careless towards others and have only thanked them a little, then we should plan to consciously thank them for 1 week when others do us something good. We will probably then also find that "thank you" is one of the magic words.