Killed Drake XXXTentacion

Conspiracy theory: Drake had XXXTentacion († 20) murdered!

It is shock news that came over to us from the USA shortly before midnight yesterday: Rapper XXXTentacion was shot! The culprit: Previously unknown, but now a crazy conspiracy theory is spreading online!


4 months ago XXXTentacion posted a mysterious sentence on its Instagram story. "If someone kills me, it was Drake, I'll tell you now." Earlier, the rapper allegedly found out that Drake has a secret son. Then XXX got threats from the "God’s Plan" superstar! The reaction of XXXTentacion: He revealed the information about Drake's son to rapper Pusha T, who then used it on his disc track "The Story Of Adidon". Drake's reaction: A few lines on his song "I'm Upset" that seem like a threat after yesterday's murder! "I send my killers, XXX, this is the only time that I hit below the neck." And indeed: XXXTentacion died from being shot in the chest! Is there really anything to this theory? On Instagram, Drake is insulted and attacked by many fans. Let's see if he will comment on it. Below you can see the original conspiracy theory from the USA!


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