What are tickets and ticketing

Ticket system: the guide for companies

An overview of the properties of ticket systems and their advantages for customer service

A ticket system not only makes your customer service easier, it also makes it more efficient.

Are you still emailing your customer support requests? Are you struggling to track and prioritize important customer inquiries? Tired of setting up multiple folder structures and complicated color coding to filter your emails? Are you looking for a way to optimize your online customer support? When looking for a solution, you may have come across the term “ticket system”. Now if you are wondering what it is and how you can improve your customer support through ticketing, you have come to the right place. The following questions on the subject of ticketing system software are answered here:

What is a ticket system?

Ticket system tools offer you a central channel in which you can manage all your customer inquiries in the form of service tickets. All customer inquiries are optimally organized by the support ticket system and many otherwise complex processes are automated. So your support team always has an overview and can work more efficiently.

An example

Let's say you are an online retailer selling t-shirts through your website. You receive numerous customer inquiries every day. These range from size issues to billing issues to requests for new designs. You have set up numerous channels so that your customers can reach you in the best possible way. So you get customer inquiries by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is exemplary, but confusing. Nevertheless, you have to keep track, because your customers expect:
• Immediate responses
• quick problem solving
• Information about the latest developments
You can meet these expectations of your customers with a Help desk ticket system fulfill. Satisfied customers stay loyal to your brand and recommend you to others.

Overview: advantages of the ticket systems

Who should use ticketing system software,
and why?


As a small or medium-sized business, you can make the customer support process easier with a good help desk ticketing system. This allows you to take away the redundancy and focus on expanding your business with responsive customer service.

  • An online ticketing system is significantly more efficient than email. It helps you to automatically classify service tickets into categories and priorities and assign them to processors without complex folder structures or color coding.

  • Help desk ticketing software can help you set SLA guidelines and ensure your agents handle issues on time. If a request is not processed within a certain period, it is escalated to a superior support manager.

  • Ticket system software also enables extensive self-service resources to be made available to your customers. This allows them to find the information they need quickly and easily without having to contact support. For this reason, the knowledge base is a helpful means of reducing the number of tickets.

  • With good online ticket systems, you can also ensure that several support staff are not working on the same request and prevent your customers from being flooded with multiple replies.

The three factors in choosing the right one
Ticket software for your company

Type of support

How do your customers contact you? Do they give you a call, email, or do they prefer to chat with your co-workers through your website or social media accounts? Take a look at the existing resources that you have set up for your customer support and decide on a ticketing system that is optimal for dealing with the various communication platforms that you offer.

user friendliness

The more user-friendly and easier to use a help desk ticket system, the easier it is for your support agents to collect the various individual aspects that are necessary to process customer inquiries. A clear, uncomplicated user interface also ensures that agents do not have to take part in time-consuming training courses and can start using them immediately.


Compare the different online ticketing system providers in the market and the different tariffs they offer. Check carefully whether the features offered meet the requirements of your customer support. If you want to offer B2B support, simple free help desk software is often sufficient.

Essential functions of a ticketing system

There are countless ticketing systems on the market today that offer a wide variety of functions. It is important that you choose a system that best fits your business needs. We have listed the five must-have features for any help desk ticketing system for you.

Multichannel ticketing

With a help desk ticketing system, you can support your customers through numerous channels such as email, phone, chat, social media, and more. It summarizes the inquiries from all channels in one central place. This makes it easier for your support staff to handle requests from a wider audience and to respond quickly and efficiently without having to juggle different websites, passwords and tools.

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A robust online ticketing system can save you a lot of time by automating various tasks using time-based or event-based triggers. Automation enables you to define rules with complex workflows to ensure that your customers' questions and calls are always routed to the right teams and agents. Automation can also help you set up deadlines and escalation rules and help you ensure the stability of your customer support lifecycle.

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When customers reach out to you, they expect a support experience that aligns with the character of your brand. With a good ticketing system, you can fully customize your help desk to be a seamless extension of your brand. From the background color to the font, you can customize every detail to make your help desk reflect the style and design of your website.

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Self service

A suitable help desk ticketing system enables the establishment of an extensive knowledge base in which detailed advice and articles on problem solving are provided. This can be a valuable resource for your customers as it allows them to find answers to common problems without having to contact customer service.

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Reports and analysis

An extensive help desk ticketing system enables you to get an idea of ​​the status of your customer support at any time. Detailed metrics on the quality of your support team's handling of customer inquiries can help you make the right decisions for your company. Most ticketing systems include this knowledge. However, if you are already using specific analysis tools, you should make sure that the selected ticketing system can be seamlessly linked to the tools of your choice.

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Your company may use many different tools to perform various operational tasks. Most small and medium-sized businesses use their own tools for their CRM, invoicing, email marketing, and so on. So it is extremely important that the ticketing system you choose to work closely with these solutions. Keep an eye out for out-of-the-box integrations as well as the ability to develop your own integrations that meet your needs.

If you've just started using an online ticketing system, bookmark our customer support glossary for quick access to all of the key terms.

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