Which country invented rugby?

A very brief history of rugby

The history of rugby and football was closely linked for a long time in the 19th century. Legend has it that rugby was invented by Webb Ellis in 1823 during a football game in the English town of the same name. When his team threatened to lose, he took the ball in his hands to everyone's surprise and put it in the opposing goal. When he asked the referee whether this would also count as a goal, he said: "No, but it was a good attempt."

There are great and justified doubts about the veracity of this story. The fact is that in the early nineteenth century there was no discernible separation between football and rugby. There were no binding rules for the previous games, which had been practiced for centuries. However, at rugby boarding school it was probably allowed earlier to carry the ball and, from the 1820s, also to put it in the goal. Be it as it was; Webb Ellis, who actually played this sport in rugby, lives on in rugby, because to this day it is called "try" if the ball is successfully placed in the opponent's in-goal. And the trophy of the Rugby World Cup, the rugby union world championship that has been held since 1987, is called the Webb Ellis Cup.

The shoe and ball manufacturer Gilbert developed the typical characteristic detail of rugby in 1851 near rugby with the oval ball, which could be worn better than a round ball on the body.

The separation between rugby and football was finally decided on January 26, 1871 with the establishment of the Rugby Football Union by some clubs that had left the English Football Association after disputes over rule changes.

On March 27, 1871, the first international rugby match between Scotland and England took place in Edinburgh.

Another spin-off from Rugby Union took place in 1895, when 21 clubs from the working-class areas of northern England founded their own association, the Northern Rugby Union (now the Rugby League).

Rugby Union and Rugby League still exist today as independent associations with sometimes different rules in many countries. Nevertheless, “rugby” is mainly understood to be the rugby union variant with 15 players, which the Bochum / Witten RFC also plays.